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Sunday, September 15, 2013

THE HOUSE OF CHEN chapter 14

A Quiet Dinner
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Shortly after the event of the letting some of the worst gossipers go, the markets crashed and the policymakers looked more and more to Anderson for answers on exports.

While he pointed out that although exports were down drastically; we still exported more than we imported which kept the balance of payments sheet in the green.  

England went off the pound sterling and other countries followed.  This was not acceptable to some economists for they remembered how the confederate money was worthless after the collapse of the Southern defeat.  

After some time America followed suite and went off the gold standard.  

Japan who was one of the largest trading partners with the U.S. was now occupying parts of Indonesia and China.  They were also trying to close some of the ports in China to the U.S.

These were some of the problems they came to Anderson for answers.  He was called in to a meeting with the policymakers and he took Cheri with him.  

They asked him many hard questions to which he answered; I understand the problem, but the answers aren’t easy to come by.  

This depression had exasperated the problem and was blocking Japanese immigrants from entering the U.S. along with stopping all trade with them.  It might be the right action but as I said it exasperated the problem to the point almost beyond resolutions.

They asked Cheri if she had any ideas on the ongoing issues to which she answered, “No, Anderson has well stated where we are and the politics of the day and an economics solution are not mutually exclusive.”

She said, “The problem is obvious to everyone here, all the components are evident.  
The problem remains because of economics, over population of Japan and their need for expansion of territory.  Beyond that I fear Japan has few options other than to occupy new territories and they are in the process of doing that.”
The meeting closed without any resolution because there were too many problems to deal with.  As they were leaving Anderson said, “There are times you have to let things work themselves out although it may come with a frightful price.”

Cheri was glad to get out of there for she had never been in such an overwhelming meeting where so much was at stake.

When she arrived back to the office she had a message from Lee wanting to go out this evening.

She started to call him and say no but after reflecting on it for a minute she called him and said, “Sure I would be glad to go just pick out somewhere quiet where we won’t be disturbed.”
He didn’t know how to take that but decided to go with the flow and let the mood of the evening dictate the outcome.  He picked out a nice restaurant that had some romantic music playing by a small combo. 

He called Cheri and said, “I’ll be over shortly and pick you up and she said I’m almost ready so I’ll be waiting.  After picking her up they arrived at the restaurant in just a few minutes for it wasn’t far away.

They were seated and the waiter asked if they wanted some drinks before ordering. Cheri said, “I don’t drink, but tonight I will have a glass of white wine.”  

Lee said he wanted a glass of wine but make it a red instead of white.  Lee said I was out for the day in a meeting but I heard you went with Anderson and met with the big wigs today.

She said, “Yes but I don’t want to talk about it.”  

He said, “I understand and we will forget about work for the evening.”

She answered, “That’s the way I want it to be.”  After their wine they ordered their meal.

Lee had a full dinner for he said I didn’t have time for lunch and I’m starved.

Cheri ordered a light supper saying she wasn’t very hungry due to the stressful day she had.  
The rest of the evening was a quiet time without much being said and after they ate she wanted to go home.

Lee said, “Sure I’m kinda tired myself.”

When they arrived at Cheri’s place she just sat in the car for a short while and then said, “Today was a hard day and I just wanted to spend some quiet time with you.”

He said, “This has been what we both needed, just time alone together.”

To be Continued

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