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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, September 2, 2013


Sweet Baby Boy

The last six weeks of Cheri’s pregnancy went very slowly, but the day finally came when they went to the hospital.

After a few hours Cheri gave forth a son which had the looks and characteristics of his father.  The whole thing was beyond Brian’s father’s grasp.  He wasn’t around very much and furthermore didn’t care because he felt it was someone else’s problem.

Martha was there at the hospital with Lo Mei and was excited about the baby.  The maid, Lo Mei kept asking who the father was but Cheri was closed mouth about that.  

Lo Mei kept expecting Martha to ask Cheri to leave but instead she was spending a lot of time with the baby.  

One of Martha’s friends came over and said. “I hear that you have a new child here.”  
Martha took her to the nursery and the woman said, “The child looks just like Brian when he was born.  What do you call him?”

Martha said. “I don’t know if he has a name, but I call him Reginald.”

Her friend asked, “Is it Lo Mei’s baby?”  Martha said, “No it is one from the orphanage.  They were over crowded and I decided to take it in temporally.”

Her friend remarked, “Well all I can say is it looks white to me and not Chinese.”
Martha said, “Maybe he has some white blood and is Eurasian instead of being all Chinese.”

As the woman left Martha said, “I have grown very fond of the child and I might just keep him.”  

The woman gasped and said, “You wouldn’t dare to do such a thing.”

Martha said, “He is sure cute and if no one else wants him I can’t just throw him out.”

When Martha went out Cheri accompanied her to do her shopping, and Lo Mei always wanted to stay with the baby.

Asian Child
courtesy photobucket
The boy grew and was now two years old.  He was the center of attention around the house for he was walking, talking, and getting into everything.

Martha had finally taught him to call her grandma and she grew closer to him each day.  

Then she received the news that Brian and his wife were returning to Hong Kong to assume a position in the government and this caused Martha to be upset about Brian living in the same house as Cheri.  

She didn’t know what to do so she finally laid the whole story out before her husband.  He was angry and upset at her for not telling him what was going on and now to dump the whole thing on him just before Brian’s return was not acceptable to him.

Martha said I think I have a remedy for the whole thing if you will go along with it otherwise you come up with an answer.  Now remember Brian doesn’t know about the baby being his and his wife isn’t aware of him being the father.  If she finds out about it then who knows what the fallout will be.

When they get here I think I can work it out where Brian’s wife, Minnie, will take a liking to the baby and want to adopt him.  He is so adorable she won’t be able to resist him.

Lord Malborne said, “That is fine but what about his mother she might object to this plan of yours.”

She said, “That is where you come in.  Cheri has become proficient as my secretary and she speaks several languages.  I want you to get her a job either in a business or one of the embassies.  
You must have some friends at one of them for you spend most of your time with them.  If you can get her a job then it will be up to me to get her to accept it and to leave Reggie with me.  I can’t let him go with her for that would break my heart.”

He said. “I don’t like it but I don’t have a better solution.  

To be Continued

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