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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


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The next day Lemond had gotten his nerve back after last night where he felt like he had been neutered by Cheri, and he came to see her.  

He said, “It is obvious you are too sharp for me, but for some reason I am attracted to you.”

She said. “Well I must say I’m surprised for most guys never return after I have dressed them down the way I did to you.”

He said, ‘There is something about you I don’t find in most of the other women I have known.”

She said, ‘Now watch it and don’t get over into the moves other guys try on me.”

He replied, “The fact other men are not sincere doesn’t mean I’m the same as them.”

She starred directly into his eyes and said, “Why don’t you come out and say what you want from me.”

He said, “I would except I not sure what it is.  I just know you have something none of the other women I have known has.”

Cheri said, “Why don’t you come back when you find out.”

He started to leave feeling she had done it to him again, when he turned and said, “It is lunch time so why don’t we have lunch together?”

Cheri agreed on one condition and that is, “Let’s keep the conversation on business and forget about anything personal.”

He had to agree in order to have lunch with her so he said, “Those are my thoughts exactly.”

During lunch Cheri was enjoying herself immensely for she knew he was dying to try to court her, but before he came any closer to her she was going to remove any falseness between the two of them and yet she was impressed by his persistence.  

By now usually all of the guys had exhausted their patience and moved on to other targets.  
Lemond and his superiors had an occasion to go to Hong Kong, and there he met Lord Malborne and Martha and they invited him to come to a party which he accepted.  

During his conversation with Martha at the party he found out more about Cheri than she had intended to say, after Martha had one too many drinks.  

Lo Mei was serving and he asked her if she knew Cheri and she was very interested in finding out all about how Cheri was doing. He invited her to have lunch with him and he would tell her all about what Cheri was doing and she accepted.

During lunch which lasted around three hours he found out all of Cheri’s past, her rape, and her child.
He didn’t know if he was glad to know all the personal things that she had the right to keep secret to herself. He felt he had intruded into a private place where he had no business being.

Then at the same time he was glad to know about her struggles, and how she had overcome what would have destroyed most women.  A couple of weeks later he returned to D.C. and his job.  Cheri had been too busy to miss him while he was gone so she was surprised to get a phone call from him.

The first thing he said was did you miss me while I was gone to which she answered, “Desperately.”  He said I don’t know whether to believe that or not but I will accept it as the truth.  Cheri said, “What ever makes your day.”

He said, “The real reason I called was I want to take you out and celebrate my return.”
“What did you have in mind,” Cheri asked?  
He said, “First we will go to dinner and then we’ll see what the evening holds for us.”  
Cheri said, “You are sounding kinda frisky, and I don’t know if I could trust you or not.”

He laughed and said, “I don’t know if I can trust myself perhaps we should have a chaperone go along with us.”  

She asked, “Why me?  There are a myriad of girls who want to go out with you.

He answered back saying, “First off you are the prettiest, smartest, and most well mannered of all the girls I have met.  Shall I continue?”    
To be Continued

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