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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, September 23, 2013


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The wood in the fireplace was green but the hot coals burned it and it put out a hot heat as the sap oozed out of the ends. The trickling liquid made a spewing noise as it steamed out and in some cases was the only sound being made.

Other than that it was quiet except for the wind howling and the occasional rain falling on the roof.

Grandpa sat in the center of the hearth with a long steel poker in his hand and it was red hot from him holding it in the blaze.  He would poke the wood every so often and the sparks would rise up and out of the chimney.

Everyone else sat on each side of him with grandma on the side so she could spit her snuff into the ashes.

Most of the time no one said anything for there wasn’t anything new worth talking about and we sat there with no conversation needed for we knew pretty much what everyone was thinking.

There was the grandfather’s clock that chimed every fifteen minutes which disturbed the serenity of the evening, but everyone settled back in after a moment or two.

It was just before the time to go to bed and a knock came at the door.  All the kids drew closer to their mom and dad.

The grownups stiffen and no one moved.  The knock came again and a voice said, “Hello the house.”  The voice sounded somewhat familiar so grandpa said, “Someone see who that is.”

Marshall moved over and took a rifle down from the wall and cocked it.

Then Sam opened the door and there stood Risen, next to the youngest of the sons of grandpa.  He was soaking wet.  He stepped inside and stood in front of the fire and shortly steam was coming from his wet clothing, and he had to step away from the fire.

Marshall told his wife to get Risen a pair of his overalls for he was still steaming and shivering at the same time.

Risen went over into the corner and changed his clothes.  There was a kettle of sassafras tea on the fire so he helped himself to a cup.  After about an hour he returned to normal and began to talk.

Marshall wanted to know what he was doing out on a night that was so inclement.  He choked up and wept a bit as he said, “The baby has died.”

No one said anything for some time until grandfather asked when it happened.  Risen said, “It were two days ago.”

“Well why did you wait so long to come,” Grandpa said?

Risen said, “I started out shortly after the rain began, and thought I could ford the river, but I were swept off my feet and barley managed to grab onto a small branch, and hold on till I could pull myself to the shore.  The current were stronger than I thought it was and limbs and logs kept beating me as I held on for dear life.”

Grandpa asked, “How is Lucy? Is she alright?”

Risen said, “I don’t know for sure. She wasn’t doing too good, so I set out for the doctor.  I don’t know if she is still alive though I sure hope so.  By morning the river ought to be down if it doesn’t rain too much upstream.”

Grandpa nodded in approval. “Are you hungry boy?”

He said, “Maybe a little, I haven’t eaten for two days.”0

Marshall said. “In the morning we will get the doctor and we will go get Lucy and the baby.  We will have to have a burying right off because the baby will begin to start to smell pretty soon.”

Risen was so exhausted he went right to sleep and didn’t wake up till Marshall arrived the next morning with the doctor in tow.
He told Risen that the river was still high but he had borrowed the doctor’s boat and they would start upstream and work their way across as the floated down the river.

Risen said, “Maybe one of the women should go with us for she may need to be cleaned up some.”

Natalie said she would go and grabbed some rags to take with her.

They got across the river without any trouble and a half hour later they were at the cabin.  They all hoped Lucy was still alive but wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t.

Risen opened the door and they all went in.  Risen called out but there was no answer.
When they got to the bed they saw Lucy was still alive but too weak to talk.

The doctor took over and gave her a couple of pills and then said let’s step outside while Natalie cleans her up for she has been bleeding and stuff.

A half hour later Natalie appeared in the doorway with some bedding, and told Risen to burn them, because they were beyond saving.

To be Continued

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