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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, September 20, 2013

THE HOUSE OF CHEN chapter 18

Hush Hush

The next day Cheri was at the firm at the appointed hour.

When she was escorted into Morley’s office he was just finishing with a couple of workers he suspected of passing on some information they shouldn’t have had knowledge of.  He wanted to know how they got the information and to whom they sold.  

At first they denied it for they knew their jobs depending on the denial.  He probed on and soon had the whole story.  He told them he would send them their final check and would give them as good a recommendation as the situation would allow.  

After they left he said to Cheri he wanted her to see that, and how some long term employees could be turned to do something wrong and what the result would be.

She gave him the contract for employment with the changes she wanted which after reading he initialed it and said, “Sign it and we’ll let this be the real agreement without it being circulated around the office for others to read”.

After she signed their agreement he said, “Welcome to the company.”

He called his secretary Anna and asked her to take Cheri to her new office and help her get situated.

Anna gave her a list of all the people she might need to contact.  She had a direct line to Morley and a couple of other phones. One was for in house usage and the other for outside calls.

She also was given a large folder with projects she would be involved with and was told to familiarize her self with them as soon as possible.

For the time being nothing was to leave the office.  
Anna told her she would be moved to a secure place to live where she would be safe and also any material she might take home.  Even the government wasn’t as protective of her as Morley’s business was.  
Later he explained that much of what she would be dealing with directly concerned both the government and secret designs for military equipment.

Everything she learned just made her more nervous.  

She thought back when her life was simple working for Martha and Lord Malborne.
She remembered how most of the responsibility was borne by Lo Mei and all she had to do was simplistic.

When she got ready to leave in the evening she was taken to her new apartment which was twice as big as the one she had been living in.  All of her things had been moved in and the only thing she had to do was locate where they had arranged things. There was some additional furniture such as a radio with a record player.  

She was told there would be a house keeper that would come in and do a through cleaning once a week.  She would be advised of the day so she could put any sensitive materials in the large safe that was built-in and hidden.

After eating in the company dining hall she went home and looked over the material and a note in the folder told her of a meeting with Morley in the morning.

Cheri figured this was one way to find out if she had read the material in the packet. About eleven she put everything away in the safe, and went to bed.

She took an early morning shower and dressed. It was nice to have a full bathroom to yourself.  When she arrived at the office the staff was just beginning to trickle in.

She went directly to her office and proceeded to analyze the material concerning weapons and other materials.

By ten she was beginning to understand the importance of her job; and she received her call on her direct line to Morley.

To be Continued.

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