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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, September 21, 2013


Tangled up and Needing Help
Cheri needed to find out who and how many people she was subservient to or what the proverbial pecking order was.

As it turned out Morley had no vice president or anything of that nature but instead he used a vertical model.

Each department had their head and they reported to Morley.  He felt this kept him aware of any problems, and could be dealt with sooner rather than later.

The main things to be dealt with was; one upmanship and blame shifting.

After a couple of weeks Cheri had made gains in her knowledge of the operations of the company and its future goals.  The objectives were transient at this stage for they were contingent upon the government’s needs and contracts they executed.

Finally Cheri realized the larger reason she was hired which was her contacts within the government and her negotiating power with men.

She had mastered most all of the feminine tactics in getting what she wanted.  She always kept in mind the scene in the movie where it was shown the exposed leg was more powerful than the thumb when hitching a ride.

While in negotiating sessions where they were at an impasse she knew tricks to bridge the chasm like coming to the meeting dressed in a severe styling business suit and then when the impasse fell into place she would remove the suit’s coat revealing much of her shapely form.

She used a little bit of eroticism to change the minds of the detractors.  This bit of stimulus carried with it an unstated promise of “C’mon a My House” when nothing like that was part of the deal.

This and other feminine devices, cemented many a deal for Cheri, and was what Morley had in mind when he hired her.

A month after Cheri was hired she received a call from Lee.  She started to hang up but he got in a quick plea for her to hear him out.  
He said he had been let go and needed a reference to get a new job.  He said, “I would consider coming to work for the company you work for.”

She said she didn’t think so, and as to references she would have to tell the truth about how she felt about him and his trustworthiness and she didn’t think that would help him.

He said, “I really need your help because the reason I was fired will keep anyone here in Washington from considering me for employment, but with your recommendation I could get on with someone.”

Cheri said, “You already have my answer on the subject, I’m sorry.”

He continued and said, “After all we meant to each other I think you should do this for me and ignore a mistake I made.”

She said, “A final no.  As for what we meant to each other you put more stock in that than I did.  Just going out a couple of times and a kiss or to doesn’t constitute a relationship like you seem to think we had.  I do not owe you by telling a lie for you. With your record you should be selling used cars and she hung up.”

After she hung up the phone she sat in the quietness and remembered back to the time she was a little fond of Lee, but that wasn’t reason enough to help him get a position where he couldn’t be trusted.  She wasn’t willing to put her reputation on the line for him.

A short time later she received a letter saying Lee was going to say some bad things about her if she didn’t help him.  
She wrote back and said do what he wished, but if he said anything bad about her she would see to it he would be put into jail for it.

That was the last she heard of Lee for it seems he left town.

To be Continued

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