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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


War in the Horizon

The next morning Cheri woke up rested and was ready for another stressful day; if that was going to be the case.

It couldn’t be any worse than yesterday. After a cool shower to wake up, she was hungry and had a good breakfast.

She got a phone call from Anderson who said, "Come directly to my office as soon as you get here."  
This sounded serious and the tone of his voice made it sound more imperative.

Upon arriving she went directly to Anderson’s office where some of the staff had already assembled and were waiting for him to appear.

Without directly acknowledging anyone he said this is what we are facing and I am expected to come up with some answers.  He said that the war in Europe is coming closer to home and Britain is running out of money.

You all know about the draft where all young men 21 to 35 have had to register and are being called up for service, and we have to begun to mobilize for war should it spread to our shores.

The president has just now signed what is called the Lend Lease act whereby this nation will support England with money and supplies to fight the war they are engaged in at present.  If Britain falls, all of Europe will fall.

The President is determined to keep us out of this conflict if possible so we will support all the nations who are resisting the spread of the Third Reich.

Within the next couple of days you and those working under you will receive a packet informing you what your specific job will be.  These instructions will be for you alone and you are not to discuss them with any one.
Those working will only receive information on a need to know basis.

Anyone found not following these orders will be fired and perhaps be prosecuted.  Do not be surprised if the direction your job is changed and you are required to do something different from what you were hired for.  

One thing that will be important is, live your life as normal, and do not let what we are doing change that. You will be given updates almost every day and be prepared to make necessary adjustments as required.

After the meeting Anderson told Cheri to remain.  He said I spent last night at the White House going over the things I have just told the staff.  We must put together the packets delegating responsibility to ones we feel can properly handle it.

The next week was very busy matching the job with the right person.  Cheri was making the decisions on many of the positions because she knew the personnel better than Anderson.

After everything was in place and functioning Anderson called Cheri and said, “Come to my office.” 

The girls working under her said, “What have you done? Sounds like you are in for it.”

Cheri answered the girls, “We shall see what we shall see.”

Anderson said, “The news I have may not bode well for you, I don’t know that but have the feeling that will be the case.  
This department will no longer be under my control. I have been transferred again to the east and will be located in Hong Kong at first and after that I don’t know where I will be stationed.  

You will be getting a new boss and I don’t know who he is or who he will be positioning in your spot. I tried to have you transferred with me but they wouldn’t go for it.  All I know about the new man over you is here in a dossier on him.  I will give it to you but you should destroy it after you have read and studied it.”

Cheri asked, “When will you be leaving?”  
He said, “Right away, as soon as Layton your new boss arrives.”  

Two days later Anderson didn’t show up and the new head of the department came in with a brisk walk going straight to his office.  He had another man with him and a woman who appeared to be a secretary.         
To be Continued

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