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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, June 15, 2012


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While attending Bible school we heard many stories, some were true and others somewhat questionable.

Over the years I have forgotten most of them but one stuck in my mind for some reason. As the story goes there was a man named Henry.

Henry tried to serve the Lord in true fashion but he wasn't satisfied with his lot. Henry would pray and talk about his comings and goings before the Lord and at times would voice his concern about a feeling of "lack" in what he concluded to be a successful Christian life.

Henry was full of self pity.

As the story went he was praying one time and he said; Lord you don't seem to love me like some of the others around me." Now Henry thought this was a reasonable thing to say for he had always experienced a "left out feeling" when viewing the lives of others. He had prayed along this line before but never got an answer and didn't expect what happened next. In his next prayer he added. “Is there something wrong with me?”

The Lord answered and said' "I don't know Henry but there is just something about you that just ticks me off" or so went the story.

I suspect that there are many that share "Henry's" feelings concerning their service for GOD buoyed by the fact that there are others who are accomplishing much more than they are.   (Or so it seems.)

I am reminded of the scripture in Luke 12:48b When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.

The burden of the Lord is not equal for some are required to do more and have been enabled to accomplish a greater task.

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Because of our zeal to see the work of GOD to prosper and go forward it is easy to feel we are failing but you are only required to do well in the ministry GOD has given you. To try to do more than that is to intrude into areas beyond what you are called to do and confusion can result from that.

1Corinthians 4:2 Those who are trusted with such an important work must show that they are worthy of that trust.

If you are faithful in the work GOD has given you it is most likely you will be trusted with greater responsibility in the future.
Just be faithful and then rest at ease having fulfilled your ministry!

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