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Monday, June 25, 2012

ANOTHER DAY Forty Minutes South of Paradise (Repost)

Oh No !!
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I would have liked to have said, “Another day in Paradise” but Paradise (the city) is forty minutes north of me.

My day wouldn’t have been a reflection of the paradisiacal imagery projected by being in the Garden of Eden Paradise enjoyed by Adam.

My day started at six o’clock AM. I was more awake than asleep but was still stumbling around. As I took inventory of my state I discovered I wasn’t feeling well. My usual remedy was to get a cup of coffee, and on my way to make coffee I stopped at the scale and weighed myself. The nonjudgmental scale informed me that I had gained three pounds since yesterday.

In total disbelief I uttered the usual; OH NO!

I continued on my way to make some coffee, but I not only felt bad but now I was also depressed about the weight. Immediately my problem solving capability engaged, and the only thing it came up with was “Don’t eat breakfast”

So now I felt bad, had gained weight, was depressed and was also hungry.

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I was praying that the phone wouldn’t ring, and someone tell me some bad news. Soon the mail would be delivered, and on occasion I have received some distress from being informed my bank account was overdrawn. I decided not to go get the mail today.

We were scheduled to go out for lunch, and I ordered the largest meal they served, and I was determined to eat it all. From out of the blue the accusing thought came to me; today if you eat too much, tomorrow the scale will “tell it like it is.”

Now I felt worse, I was depressed, was stuffed to the point of being uncomfortable, I needed to rest, and feared having to face that scale tomorrow.

After a nap, I did a few chores, and before long it was time to go to bed and get some beauty sleep. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow will bring; on another day, forty minutes south of Paradise.
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