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Monday, June 25, 2012


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I have had two or more dogs for more years than I can remember, and have had a strong attachment to all of them.

Without a doubt my all time favorite was a blue tick hound I named "Blue". To say the least he was a raunchy animal but he loved everyone, and people liked him. When someone would visit he would get behind them and poke them with his nose, and they would stand on their toes.

I had Blue for many years and when I took him to the vet for a checkup he told me that my dog (Blue) was too old for breeding and that he was impotent; but Blue didn't accept that answer as final.

As time went by I purchased a female blue tick and a few weeks later she had a litter (10) of pure blooded blue tick hounds.

pack of hound puppies
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I had to get rid of these dogs for I couldn't keep them where I lived. I devised a plan to sell them for they weren't the most popular breed for the city.

First my wife and I registered them with names like Princess Anne and Sir Max Wellington, this immediately moved them up in class.

Then we devised an ad in the classifieds; "If you are going to have a dog, don't you deserve the best? Call before they are all gone." We received many calls and sold them all except the three that I decided to keep, plus their mother and Old Blue.

Ole Blue hated his offspring with a passion and they felt the same way about him. We had to keep them in separate pens until the pups (who fought among themselves) were grown, and as you would have it they got out of their penned area and (all three) jumped ole Blue.

He ended up with a hundred and fifty stitches.

He was a tough old bird and if it had just been one of them he would have been able to handle one, but all three was too much for him.

They beat him up good, but didn't defeat him for he was ready to fight them again at any time.

This is the attitude we as Christians must have for we face everyday situations where we simply come up on the short end of things, and if you can remember ole blue and emulate him then what seemly is defeat is just a bump in the road and like a bump in the road you are soon past it.

Romans 8:37 No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us. While we may lose a few battles we will win the war.

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