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Friday, April 9, 2010


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This question by Shakespeare in Hamlet has provoked much thought and established him as one of the greatest writers. This haunts all people who consider it. To be; who, or what, and how to become. While Shakespeare answers this in part in Hamlet, it leaves much unanswered for today’s society.

Dealing with the slings and arrows of life, with or without outrageous fortune in it’s self is a life time task.

I recall a time when I purchased a new television, a small down payment and thirty six payments to go. A few days later a relative entered my back door looked in my refrigerator and stole my new TV.

When I arrived home from work all I could do was sit on the couch, and stare at the place it had once sat.
I must admit, I wanted to hurt someone - - - bad !! 

The toughest part was for the next thirty six months I was reminded that it was stolen because I still had to make the payments each month.  I bought another set (a cheaper one) in order to have something to watch while some else enjoyed the deluxe set I was still paying for.

Slings and arrows are not designed to be fair but are something you rise above and keep going. They come in all forms; it may be personal, financial, or physical. They are surely designed to test you and try to remove you from; who and what you have determined to be.

After considering this question at length I decided to be who I wanted to be, (or as near as possible) to be comfortable and satisfied with myself, and to be at peace with myself. Having accomplished this I now have the answer and need not to seek a further answer to the; “to be or not to be” question. For I have my answer which is; “I WAS, I NOW IS, and will continue TO BE.”

(This is not considered a commentary on Shakespeare’s Hamlet)

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