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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Reality

Sometimes reality is difficult to grasp, at times it seems to be vague and unreal.

I remember way back when I first met my wife and eventually asked her out on a date. I suffered a feeling of uncertainty because I wasn't sure she would accept. What I didn’t know was; that she had asked her brother to invite me over for Sunday dinner several times. I just thought it was him being nice to me. Later I found out she instigated it, but by then we were already married. From the first date on we were an item, so to speak, together as much as possible. As the courting went on she agreed to marry me and I knew we were going to be wed, but it still didn’t seem real. The realism of the event came and I still didn't feel the reality until later that day. The happening of the event had to occur before I actually felt it. Emotions follow action, knowing about it is not the same as the reality of it.

A preacher once was asked; “What scripture has to be fulfilled before Christ can return?” His answer was simple as he said, “Only the blowing of the trumpet”
Reviewing Matthew 24:31 and 1 Corinthians 15:52. This event is far greater than me getting married, but the reality of it is complex to grasp. For if I actually understood how real the return of Christ is; then my entire view point would be changed. My daily life would be different, my attitude would be different. Sad to say the full thrust of this event avoids me. I am aware of the issue, but how to solve it escapes me. Surely there must be an answer to this dilemma.

Since Christ is the prime actor the answer must lie in him. Since my association with him started with the Word of GOD it only makes sense to return to the Bible for the answer. The hungry heart will always find its need met within the word of GOD. It is as the Holy Spirit makes it alive to the reader. That is why it is called the Living Word. I am going to look at Jesus and his teachings in a different way. I am going to take his Words, as Jesus preaching just to me. I will allow the Spirit filled words not only to be knowledge, but also to become my reality. Think about it, He is speaking to you the words of life.

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