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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, April 16, 2010

All Boys Are Liars

The old black and white lie system has been replaced or added to by all the colors of the rainbow. Lies have now been color coded.
The offence of the lie determines the color of it. When someone lies to you, you must decide whether it is a white lie or if it’s a little more offensive perhaps a yellow and so on, the color determines how you respond.

There is one more notation, there are times when black isn't black enough so we call that lie blackest-black. Again there are times that what’s being said doesn't really merit being called white. An instance would be: you're out shopping with a friend and they ask you does this look good on me. Now what you want to say is, honey nothing looks good on you. But because they are a friend you use a colorless lie to be kind and you say, “Oh that really does something for you."
Now some might take issue with my Title Statement “All boys are liars,” but ask any mother. While outwardly she may deny and say her baby doesn't lie, inwardly she will say; dats right. Whether you agree or not, the question remains, if my Title is true, then when and why do - - boys lie?

To answer that you must take it in stages. This starts right after babies are born. They misuse crying which is supposed to indicate there’s something wrong with them. They learn that when they want something all they have to do is cry. It doesn't take long, and soon they will cry just to get attention. As the boys get a little older, lying becomes a case of self preservation because they are bound to violate mama’s rules. To avoid her scorn they will lie.

Next phase is when they enter into their teens. They still maintain the self preservation defense but now they face a new dilemma, and that is dealing with the opposite sex. It doesn't take long to learn that to make time with girls you must learn the secret words. These are the words girls want to hear and words they will respond to! The young teen will learn these from his peers and experience. Strange as it seems the girls know the boy doesn't mean what he is saying and that he is lying, but they want to believe it so badly! They are willing to overlook his insecurity at least for a little while.

Boys soon become men and the only difference between boys and men is age. Some marry, and in order to keep peace in the family he continues to lie. Inherent in wives is the capacity for suspicion; it is almost an art form, and with some it has been perfected. In addition to that, there is the driving force called, “The need to know.” Women can't help it. They want to know everything about everything. The husband will resort to lying to protect what little privacy he has left. What really hurts men is that wives know what husbands are doing and they also know what they are thinking. Would you believe it is even before the husband can think or do it?

Time passes and things change a little, the wives begin to care less about what the husband does. They figure they have gotten most of what he has to offer so they worry less. The husband has less to lie about and serenity has arrived at last.

Matt. 5: 25-26 (paraphrase) Agree quickly with your wife otherwise you are going to get it.

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