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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don’t Say It

If you haven’t anything to say - - don’t say it.

As a kid I was admonished to not say anything, if I didn’t have something sensible and valuable to say. I thought about that for a long time and come to the conclusion that I needed a further explanation on that. I was told, “You just rattle on and on, and don’t really say anything.”

Using that logic over the next fifteen years, I didn’t say much. I used ‘Yes and No” a lot, because they were pretty safe words to say. Even today, I mostly listen and I might judge what people say, and grade them as to whether they really had anything worth while to utter.

If their speech is vulgar they get a grade D minus. If they use the LORD’S NAME in vain they get a grade F minus. When they gossip it’s a grade C which isn’t good but I guess a floppy tongue lubes itchy ears. If they lie they get a grade D unless it’s a bare faced lie. That’s when they look at you and lie and they know that you know they are lying. It seems they simply can’t help themselves but go ahead and lie anyhow then they get a grade F.

When someone gives you a promise to do something and they have no intention of doing it, that’s a grade D minus.

What if someone brags on you? This is tricky because now you need to guess as to what their motive is. Is it sincere? That’s a B. Are they making fun of you? It has to be a D minus. Are they trying to use you? Maybe a C plus because you probably can figure that out and won’t fall for it.

A good policy is, if it is flattery look for the motive. If they are telling the truth or it is helpful they get a B plus.

I suppose I should stop because I actually don’t have anything to say!

Oh, oh I just heard someone say; “You can say that again!” Now that wasn’t very nice was it!

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