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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grandpa’s Great Adventure

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I have been made aware that it is very difficult for young people today to believe that their grand parents were ever young kids, and even were once a teenager. To them it seems their grandparents were born old.

My grandpa used to tell me stories at night while we were sitting on the front porch of our country house. Some were true and some were made up. It didn't matter for I just loved them.

He told a true story about when he and some other boys (them being about 14 years old) were talking about something they had heard the older boys discussing. They had been told that there was a house of ill repute in town. All these young boys were interested to find out if it was true.

Finally their curiosity got the best of them and they elected a committee of two, to set out to see if it were true. My grandpa was one the two that had been selected. So one night they slipped into town and proceeded to watch the house for awhile. After a time this got tiresome and they decided to try to look into a window.

Something I should explain is that in the south they would have a cellar to put their canned goods, hams and sometime potatoes in for storage. On the side of the house there would be an outside entrance to the cellar with slanted doors.

There was a window above the slanted doors so the boys climbed up and started to look in. All at once the doors where they were standing collapsed and they fell down into the cellar.

Ever so quickly they got up and flew back out the cellar door.  People were excitedly coming out of the house demanding to know what was going on.

Grandpa and his friend ran all the way home repenting every step of the way. This happened about a hundred years ago.

In those days they had never heard of sex education or even knew what it was all about. Most had got their learning about those kind of things from observing how animal husbandry worked. Today there is more information about sex education than anything else. As in days of yore a lot of the information is either wrong or perverted.

Even with all today’s information and openness, there has never been a generation that is more ill prepared to deal with the madness our society is heaping on our youth. They are unprepared psychologically, intellectually, and worst of all spiritually.

Even our Christian kids are able to make mistakes despite all the parents can do. This can cause almost unbearable pain to a parent. The big question that they have to face is what now?

Parents after having searched their mind for the answers to the obvious, will still question why, and how could they, and what did I do wrong? Understand that mistakes happen and parents are not to blame, but all must move on. Realize that a hundred years ago kids and parents were dealing with some of the same problems and some made the same similar mistakes.

I like to think of every issue as a single battle that I plan to win and if I lose I will come back stronger and keeping coming back until I finally win. If you lose a battle and your kids “mess up” you don't “give up” you keep on keeping on and get ready to fight and win the next round.

These attitudes will go a long way in saving your kids from the evil one. Be a friend indeed to your child in need.

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