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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ain't Got No Grammer

Some people don’t have good grammer. I would have said ain’t instead of don’t but ain’t - - ain’t good grammer. Try as I would I couldn’t understand what went where and why and how come.

I’m proud I know some who does get it, but I just don’t.

There are a lot of people in politics who criticize people with opposing views over their use of grammar. They try to show that these people are ignorant especially in letters to the editor and also on the web.
I don’t think being a grammertologist is good because (and my reason is) there is so much ungrammacal English spoken that it must be very irritating to hear it and will stress you out.

Long ago I decided I couldn’t speak good English so I decided to speak something else. I finally chose to speak American, that is Southern American but not South American cause they speak Portuguese and Spanish and all I know about Spanish is adios dos peso.
Even here in America most people understand Southern American except in New York where they speak Jewish mostly. I like speaking American because it is forgiving not judgmental. It allows you to coin a word like grammertologist and because anyone who reads it gets the idea what you are talking about and can converse with you.
Speaking American will help you understand people from other countries, when they use the wrong word or the wrong tense of a word. You are used to that already in speaking American. I figure about fifty percent of what is being spoken is a waste of time anyway

I don't miss much, speaking and hearing American. The most important thing when speaking is to” let your yea be yea and your nay be nay for any more is from the evil one.”

Today there is an attack on Christians because of their message. It is being done in a subtle way by attacking their grammar. It is the method and attempt to destroy the message and the messenger with this grammar harassment. This practice is known as “Snobs Practicing Snobbery while speaking Snobbish.” This practice by the elite we totally reject!

Matt.5:37 or as James says, “Always speak the truth in love, “so speak and so do”

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