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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Partly Confused

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Looking back over my life it seems I may have been partly confused many times about life and living. It is a little demeaning to admit this but it might be the truth.

Part of the reason has been, just when I thought I had life all figured out - - the rules changed and now I wasn't certain where I stood!

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As a child I once had the privilege to attend a one room school house. It was the same school my mother had attended. There were eight grades all taught by one teacher in this one room.

Having attended a large school before, I found that this one room was truly a new experience. Amazingly the teacher was the same teacher who had taught my mother. She was a large woman. Heavy and would remind you of a drill sergeant.

Now even though some of those seventh and eighth grade farm boys had some rough edges she had no discipline problems. There was no mistake as to who was in charge. Knowing what was expected of us made it a lot easier to perform well. To recognize our place (authority and ability) kept us in line and in order.

In my Christian experience I have faced some uncertainty at times. Understanding my ministry, my gifts, my place in the body of Christ has left me partly confused at times. Success seemed to fade away as time went by and left me to reevaluate where I stood in the body of Christ.

This has required me to re-group, re-charge and go again, either in the same direction or even a new one.

Perhaps it was just a matter of weakness where I expended too much of my own energy. I realize I must draw upon the scriptures, such as “They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength.”

This verse implies that weakness is not that unusual for the servant of God.

I have concluded that life changes and even though I also must change with it, there are some things that do not change.

God never changes; my position in him does not change, his love for me does not change, and his plan and purpose for me does not change and much more.

When uncertainty tries to come in because we are living in a changing world we (you and I) can quickly recover because of God’s unchangeableness and knowing our place in HIM.

One thing I’m happy about is that I’m the only one who is partly confused. God is not perplexed or confused because He knows all things. He is the one who holds the future, and He is a sure foundation.

God is our Rock in whom we can trust!

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