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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Don't Need it, I Don't Want It. I Can't Afford It!

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 Picture this if you can; a young couple who have been courting and are very emotionally involved and strong passion is being experienced by both. They wish to get married but their finances say they should wait until they are about forty.

As usual passion and emotions win out and they get married.

After a year or so they have gotten to know each other a lot better evidenced by the fact they now have a son. While they struggle with finances they are barely able to meet their obligations.

Then one day after a hard days work, the man arrives at home and as he enters the door he sees two men in his living room. His wife is looking sheepish and while he is staring at her she begins to explain. These men are trying to place a product in our home that will be very useful in our daily life.

At this time the men have stood up and are trying to shake his hand even though he protests that his hands are dirty. They assure him that they don't mind the dirt and proceed to keep on shaking. Looking again at his wife he realizes she has no more defenses left and is ready to buy!

The husband was taught with great effort by his mother to be polite to all people. So he graciously allowed the salesmen to take advantage of his upbringing to try to sell their product to him. After hearing their spiel for a while the blackboard of his mind appeared, and written on it was; “I Don't need it, I Don't want it and I can't pay for it.”

After reading his “blackboard” a couple of times he proceeds to say, “No thank you for this opportunity but we will pass on your deal.” He continued to say NO but the men were insistent that our lives would be enhanced by it and we would be denying ourselves of this great opportunity.

It seemed that these salesmen could not hear or understand the word NO. After the husband had said NO every way he could think of the men kept insisting He buy their goods.

Now to understand what happened next you must also realize that the husband was very dirty and wanted a bath. He was very tired and wanted to rest and he was very hungry and wanted to eat his dinner which was getting old and cold.  All of which lead to a short fuse. When they were asked to leave for the last time they just ignored him and kept talking.

His next action was to go to the door. He opened it as wide as he could, and said I will be counting to three and then with great violence I will throw you both out.

He was strong, muscular, angry, and totally unafraid. After deciding which one he would hit first he started counting. “One,” they didn't move but only stared at each other. On the count of “Two,” they got up and started toward the door while still talking.  By the count of “Three,” they exited the door.

The husband shut the door rather firmly. He then turned his attention to his wife and explained in rather ugly terms that she had better never allow this to happen again. Apparently she understood him and acted accordingly receiving a grade of “A minus” over the years.

We may often find ourselves in the, “Don't need, Don't want or Can't afford,” position brought about by circumstances in life.

In the Garden of Eden, Eve faced the master salesman and was unable to match wits with him. Her every objection was countered effectively by him. Being guileless she was at the mercy of the wiles of the Devil once she left the word of the LORD. Her husband was of no help to her for he also ignored GODS word. It was a “Don't need, Don't want, Can't afford” issue.

Eve understood what GOD had said well enough to explain it to Satan so she was without any excuse.
There are many such cases of disobedience in the Bible and the effects of disobedience can be severe and lasting. Lots wife is a case in point also Jonah and his sea journey and don't forget Judas.

The Devil is always selling something; if we are foolish enough to fall for his lies, we will pay and pay and pay. He is as a roaring lion seeking (make it personal) trying to sell me something evil.

Something I hate as much as anything is; if or when I get taken in on some deal I have to suffer the humiliation of someone saying “and you fell for it.” Talk about adding insult to injury!

James deals with another side of this issue saying; (paraphrase) you are deceived by your own lusts. Desires, emotion, and passion can lead to either happiness or a life of regret.

Emotions fall into the “Take heed” class. As long as these emotions are controlled by the word of GOD they will be good companions for you. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Allow this to be the motto you follow, “Let God’s Word be your constant companion. His word will never fail you.

As Christians we must remember and act accordingly that sin is always a “DON'T NEED, DON'T WANT, CAN'T AFFORD IT ISSUE !!”

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