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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grandpa’s Rules

The mind is a wonderful file system with a great capacity for storage.

The mind’s delete system could use a little improvement, but the present methods are not very desirable such as lobotomy, and/or drugs.

I can't speak for others but my filing system needs a great deal of organizing, because I have difficulty in finding the document I need, such as the right word, and how to spell it. Where did I put it, and a long list of other things such as the names of people, who someone is, where I knew them from, or do I like them?

I have all this information in the file cabinet, but can't always find it when I need it. I have secretly bought supplements that claim to help me remember and afterward I could see no difference except I was poorer! (Oh poor me!)

Another thing I have bad feelings about is; while I search through the files I find one I wish I could extinguish! But no such luck, so I just try to bury it in the back hoping I won't run across it again. Finding one of those files always causes me to re-live the "happening" over again and I would rather not do that.

I must confess I have only found one way to deal with this and it works every time but since you probably already know what it is, I won't bother to rehearse it with you. But Just in case someone doesn't know maybe I should tell them how to do it.

You must follow these instructions very carefully so listen!
Don't put it in the cabinet and it won't be there. If it isn't in there you won't find it.
Acts and non actions are the culprits that place these unwanted files in your system. Soooooo before you act; think, evaluate, rethink and then possibly act. Now this may cost you some time but will save you a lot of energy, and embarrassment later on.

Many guys and gals if they had said, “No,” to certain actions they wouldn't have files they wish to avoid.

When I was young, I would get irritated when talking to my grandfather, because he seemed to talk so slow. I could out talk him, many times over, this was because I just talked, and I didn't think it through. One day I got up the nerve to ask him; what was his problem, and why did it take him so long to say something? He answered me by telling me this; “When I want to say something, I always think of what I want to say, and then I say it to myself, and if it sounds right to me, then I will say it, and if it doesn't sound right, then I don't say it.”

Now it took him awhile to say all that but it was good advice. I don't always follow this rule; if I did my cabinet would have a lot more room in it, and wouldn't be so crowded.
I have said things that were hurtful when I did not mean to do that at all, because - -
I forgot - - to remember Grandpa’s rules.

Proverbs 17:27 He who has knowledge spares his words!
(He doesn’t talk without thinking first!)

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