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Thursday, April 26, 2012


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"One of the most important findings that has emerged from human behavioral genetics involves the environment rather than heredity, providing the best available evidence for the importance of environmental influences on personality, psychopathology, and cognition." quote From International Journal of Epidemiology.

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This sounds like - - Error to me - - I think they need to read some more books because that doesn't sound like the right answer.

There are some things everyone can agree on and that is within the same family there are differences that are huge. They share the same genes, same food, same environment, and sometimes the same bed. It goes far deeper than external forces, deeper than heredity, down to the very heart of our being.

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There are those who are border line nut cases in most of every large family. Even if there is only one child some families still have a “Problem child.” This strange phenomena can cause a sensible parent to wonder if this person is really their child.  I hesitate to give examples because everyone has known people similar to what I have described.

Answers to the questions that arise about this subject are difficult to come by. I am guessing when I suggest it is a problem within the "soul" of each individual man.

There are drives within the physical part of man that may contribute to this problem hence the statement, "If it feels good then do it," resulting in a kind of anything goes philosophy ignoring consequences.

But the real problem lies deeper within, and that is in "Who we are."  I accept the spirit, soul, body concept of the constitution of man and look to the scripture for an answer of this question.

Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil,”

Our personality is pretty well set in our youth, and if we accept Ephesians 6:11 as a premise, then before we receive salvation (for most of us) we are attacked with these wiles - - without the protection of the whole armor of GOD. It is how we respond to those (wiles) that forms our personality. These wiles are at the core of all the wackiness we see manifested around us.

Why in the same family there are such differences it is not easy to understand.  You can't excuse bad behavior. Each individual is responsible for their conduct otherwise GOD would say well done enter in to heaven because it wasn't your fault.

Within families the most difficult thing to deal with is how to reject bad behavior without rejecting the person. Sometimes the only answer is to put some distance and have little or no contact.

Having eaten a lot of nuts in my time, I know some nuts are rotten to the core while others are only half bad.

It’s a good time for GOD'S wisdom to come into play when forced to face this issue

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