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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Paiul before King Agrippa
image courtesy of Free Bible Art
Acts 26:28 Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost you persuade me to become a Christian.

King Agrippa just missed it by an inch.

Call it, “A day late and a dollar short,” All of which speak of coming up short of success and failing.

I knew two brothers who were always in competition with one another. There was a day when the older brother stood up on his bicycle's bar and the seat - - standing straight up with arms stretched out as he rode down the street. We younger boys were amazed at the feat he just pulled off.

The younger brother said he could do that, and we just laughed at him.

A few days later we goaded him into showing us his skills on a bike. Here he came down the street, he got up on the bar and put his foot on the seat but as he stood up the bicycle went one way and he the other. The street was paved but sharp rocks penetrated the street surface and this brother hit the pavement hard with his knees and hands.

As he was writhing in extreme pain he ran home with both hands and knees tore up. We removed what was left his brothers bike and carried it home for him. About three weeks later he was healing fine with soon to be scars galore. But he, "Almost" did it.

image courtesy photobucket
The revival meeting was going strong and there were some Christian brothers who finally got the sinner brother to come to the church, and at the altar call they forced him to the altar to pray. After this they never were able to get him back in church again, he “Almost” got saved.  

This world operates on "Almosts." People look back and say "I almost" and then list many things they failed to succeed at.

There are some almosts that we are better off with such as; I almost married the wrong person or I almost committed a crime.

When it comes to our service for the Lord let it NOT be said, "I was almost faithful to Him" but rather let it be said "I was altogether committed to Him".

There is another almost to consider and that is; The servant who was given a bag of money to invest. He came to the master and said; “I was afraid. I went and hid your money in the ground. Here is the one bag of money you gave me.”

We must never fear to almost do things for the Lord.  To try and then come short is no disgrace.

The sad thing is to take what the Lord has given you and do nothing with it. That is like hiding your light under a bushel when we are commanded to so let our light shine.

The key to success is to use what you have for the Lord. He tells us that; Everyone who uses what they have will get more. . Don't miss this song!

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