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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I lived back in the days when we only used one name. If you had to have two names you were very unimportant and non exclusive.

My dad was about 100 years old and my mom was around 75 when I was born. The record reads that the Lord visited Sarah (my dad visited her also) and I got my start though I had to do some growing before I was ready to make the scene.

When I was 8 days old I got the surprised of my life. There was a crowd of people there and I received the mark of the covenant GOD made with me before I was born. I must say that everyone really enjoyed this except me although; I am reminded of the event every day sometimes severally.

The next trauma I suffered was when dad told mom you have to wean that boy; he is getting too old for that which he is doing and it is getting embarrassing. The day finally came and I got kicked out of mom’s tent and moved into the men’s tent. When it happened dad held a great feast and I heard some of the men say; it’s about time”.

My step mom and her boy (Ishmael) used to make fun of me to the point where dad ran them off, but since the boy was Abraham’s son, GOD said he would bless him and he would become a mighty man. Now as for me, I hate to admit it but I was kinda a mama’s boy and she would baby me whenever she got the chance. Now dad wanted me to be a little more like Ishmael but I just wasn’t into rough housing and such.

This one time I got in the middle of a situation that I didn’t exactly understand because it was between GOD and my dad. GOD, once again decided to test my dad and He told dad to fry my hide upon an altar as a sacrifice. So off we went and after three days we came to the place where GOD told dad to go to. We built an altar and got ready to sacrifice, all the time I was thinking I sure will be glad when this is over and we go home.

The altar was built and the wood was ready for the fire but I was wondering if dad hadn’t forgot something so I asked; where is the sacrifice? Well the next thing I knew I was all tied up and was laying on top of the wood. Dad had a knife in his hand and I was getting pretty worried because things were not looking very good from where I was laying.

Just before I was filleted an angel said stop! The test is over, and for my part I was glad of it. The angel told dad he had done fine and if he would look around he would see a ram stuck in a thicket and to use him for the sacrifice.

Then the angel told dad that he was going to be blessed and some more stuff, but as for me I decided right there that I didn’t care to be part of any more tests.

I don’t know about you but I’m worn out from just thinking about this so I will have to take a break for awhile.

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