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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, April 18, 2011


There was a time when my forefathers had it all. They lived in a land where they were protected from without by the Egyptian army.

We had the best land in all Egypt and prospered above all other inhabitants. The Egyptians was aware of our good fortune and were very jealous so much so they daily complained to Pharaoh.

Little by little we were put into a laborious work and our goods taken from us. They made our live a living torment but even so we continued to increase in number so much so they began to fear us. They came up with a solution for this dilemma which was to kill all the Hebrew babies that were boys.

My story is about my birth, my mother’s wit and actions that saved my life when other babies were being killed. How I became a prince as Pharaoh’s daughter’s son. How I lost that position because I killed an Egyptian, is all in the record and all the details are there for anyone to read.

I will pick up my story at that point. When I killed the Egyptian in a fit of anger I buried him in the sand thinking no one knew, but I was wrong. One of the Israelites saw me and spread the news to the others, and also it didn’t escape Pharaoh’s notice and he made plans to kill me.

While pharaoh’s daughter was fond of me Pharaoh himself didn’t care much for me and this was his opportunity to rid himself of me. I figured my only chance was to run and I didn’t stop until I ended up in Midian where I knew no one.

You must understand I had been raised as a prince with all the trimmings. I had never done any kind of work, and here I sat hungry and thirsty by the well with no means of support.

It was a squally time for it looked like things couldn’t get any worse. I wanted my servants to bring me food and prepare my bath. I wanted to ride in my chariot, and have people bow down to me.

Where were the dancing girls and the parties? I wanted my old life back

While feeling sorry for myself there were these girls who came to water their sheep at the well, but they were driven away by the other shepherds.

I was dirty and soiled but I still looked like an authority figure, so I told the shepherds to back off and let the women have access to the well, and as a gesture of good will I helped them draw out the water.

These girls father (Reuel) invited me to come to his camp and stay for awhile. We sat down and ate food I had never eaten before for it was very plain but because I was hungry it tasted pretty good.

I began to fit into the shepherd’s lifestyle and Reuel said I needed a wife so I picked out one of his daughters named Zipporah who turned out to be a so-so wife. It wasn’t long before I became the father of a boy named Gershom.  The old Pharaoh died and a new one appeared on the scene, nothing changed for the Israelites it even got worse.

The moaning and groaning was heard all the way to heaven and GOD heard them and remembered he had made some promises he needed to keep concerning Abraham’s seed.

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