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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, April 23, 2011


When I was fifteen the WW2 was in full force, and I could get a job almost anywhere due to the shortage of workers.

When I was seventeen, the war was over, and I couldn’t get a job anywhere. Millions of defense workers were out of work; millions of service men were being mustard out, and looking for their old jobs back.

My uncle had got a job on a thousand acre ranch with a ten room house. My uncle’s brother-in-law (“Shorty”) lived there with him, and my cousin Billy and I moved in also, so there were three of us boys there, ready and willing to work but no jobs were available.

For me, times were difficult and I had enough of the hard times. It reminds me of the hardships many Americans are living through today.

The hopes these people in the USA had during the last elections have been dashed and the feeling you have, when you believe you have done everything you can do, and it is to no avail, is demeaning and depressive. I experienced that in my younger days, and still remember the all encompassing distress brought about by it.

The leadership in Washington is being brought into question and soon we will have a chance to change the direction we are headed in.

My friend, Shorty was older and stronger than cousin Billy, but they got in a fight and after whacking Billy pretty good, Shorty asked Billy if he had enough. Billy responded “Enough what?” as if he didn’t know what he was talking about. Well Shorty, started to explain it to him further. I felt Billy had enough, so I broke it up. Billy had got whipped, and was mad about it but after a few days peace prevailed once more.

Elections hopefully show if the American people have had enough. Some will say “Enough what?” while others will say, “Yes it’s enough.”

California and Nevada, Pelosi, Reid, and Boxer have been reelected, and it shows that “the people” are satisfied with the present administration’s agenda of, “Spend your way out of this critical circumstance.”

Still, whichever way things go it will still be a happy day for the redeemed, for Jesus is alive.

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