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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Bark Tells All

As a kid I did a lot of night hunting. We always had a pack of dogs and they lived for hunting. We mostly hunted for skunks and possums, mainly because that was what was in our area. It didn't make sense to hunt for coons when there weren’t any around.

We lived on the edge of the woods and we didn't have to go far to be in hunting territory. One dog we had would go a short distance into the woods and start barking like he had something treed. After awhile we couldn't stand it any longer and would get a lantern and go see what he had. When we would get to about where we thought he was, he would start barking again. He would keep doing that going further and further until he had us deep into the woods. And then the hunting would start. He figured out how to get us out there hunting when we planned to go to bed.

I recall one night my grandfather asked me if I would like to go hunting with him. Of course I said; “I shore would.” As we got ready he told me go get two toe sacks. I didn't say anything but I thought he must think we are going to catch a lot of game tonight.

We took off and a little while we were in the middle of a turnip patch. After we filled those toe sacks full of turnips, the hunting was over and we went home. After I got over my disappointment, I got to thinking we weren't going varmint hunting at all, we was going turnip hunting.

Our hunting trips would last way into the night and we always had to get early to start farming. When you worked for a farmer he expected you there early and if you didn't show up early you didn't have a job.

When you hunt with your dogs a lot you know their voice and can tell which one of them is on a trail from way off.  Also you can tell how hot (how close) they are on the trail for their voice changes as they close in and run them up a tree or run them in the ground.

Fox hunters are very good at knowing their dogs voices, they usually go and just sit down, sometimes all night just listening to that music for that is what that baying sounds like.

Even now, when I don't hunt any more I can tell which dog is barking and if he has something treed. My wife will sometimes ask me, “Who is that barking?” and I tell her which one it is of the three dogs we have.

John 10:27 Jesus said; my sheep hear my voice and I know them, they follow me and I give them eternal life and they shall never perish.

Can you hear our great shepherd speaking? We will hear his voice if we only listen. The things of this life can drown it out if we let them, listening is a learned response that is refined by concerted, repeated action.

Three profitable steps; Listen. Hear and Obey The Great shepherd

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