New FREE e-book: The Old Man and the Widow

New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The world around is like a blotter that sucks the spiritual life from me.
I grow faint from weakness as my strength evaporates away.

Forced to feed upon that which cannot restore the vitality that languishes.

Who is this that treats me so, that troubles my soul?

Both good and bad drain my essence, my peace is lost and numbness prevails. I hunger and thirst for my belly is empty and my throat is dry,

I scarcely can cry, I just sigh why, oh why?

I dare not expose my desperate needs, for others see me as a tower they can flee to for refuge.

My soul is quieted by the din and noise and the demands of others far worse than I.
My seeking is for that, which cannot satisfy, yet runs me dry, why, oh why.

This life is beyond my control, yet I still exist, I grow old, I fold.

In soul and body the problem lies, that which they can't meet with their vacant epiphanies. The cry comes from deeper, deeper, I must look deeper for my emptiness must be filled.

My hunger and thirst for righteousness does not suffice for that is not where the problem resides.
My hunger desires to obtain the realty the world is not willing to nor can it provide.

I want to leave this valley of emptiness where I express my agony to my GOD why, oh why?

Then two words echo back that changes it all “My Child.”

These words transcend my demanding state and take me to a place of “blessed quietness,” and “shall be in you” becomes actuality. I experience fellowship with the Father and the Son! And more, I am satiated with Oneness and this Oneness begins to overflow.

Then it becomes clear; I must only give from my overflow and not from myself for my resources are limited at best.

Because the needs are great I must return often to this place of quietness and experience the overflow, being satiated again and again with HIS Oneness. Never shall I know the hunger and thirsting again for I now stay filled with overflow.

2 kings 3:17 You will see neither wind nor rain, says the LORD, but this valley will be filled with water. You will have plenty for yourselves and your cattle and other animals.

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