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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Friday, June 18, 2010


The government has spent billions of dollars to clean up the pollution in our streams, rivers and oceans. Like most problems, prevention must be part of the equation.

Manufacturers have an enormous task to produce products without some form of pollution. In many cases it comes down to a dollar and cents issue.

I had a real pollution problem at one time, until someone explained to me its consequences; for up to now I had just lived with it as something normal.

The solving of my problem came about this way; my mother really got insistent that I accompany her to a church revival. This was the last thing I wanted to do, all my friends didn’t go to church, and I didn't feel the need to go either. Finally I gave in and went with her.

I figured I could endure the evening, and if it made her happy, well why not. There were two fat guys on the platform, and I figured that they hadn't missed many meals.

Everyone, except me sang some lively songs after which they collected some money by passing a bag around. I didn't have any money so I skipped that part of the service. Then a guy played a trombone solo. I was more of a guitar man myself, but I thought it must have been good, because everybody seemed to enjoy it.

About this time one of the fat guys got up and started to talk. He would talk regular, and then he would get excited and start to holler. He talked about needs in my life that I wasn’t aware of, and how to get them met. I must confess I didn't get it, I knew what he was saying but I found it hard to grasp. As time went on something deep down inside me began to respond to what was being said and stilled my mental confusion.

Trying to compare the unknown to the known was no help for this was a dimension I wasn't aware of, a world beyond my understanding.

After an hour, they gave what was called an altar call, and at the urging of my dead spirit, (which wanted life) and the HOLY SPIRIT, (which was the first time I had met him,) I responded to the SPIRITS call. In a moment all of my spiritual pollution was removed. I felt a cleanness I had never known, it was like being born again.

That was the first part of my redemption; it was quick, and easy and effective and permanent.

I soon found out I was more complex than I thought I was. I found out I was a three part man, and my new found salvation included all three parts. It is possible to accept only part of GODS provision for redemption.
So considering how good the rebirth of my spirit was, I decided the rest of my salvation must be good also.

With the SPIRITS help, my mouth was cleaned up for it needed a lot of help in that area.

I became too busy thinking about the things of GOD, and I didn't have time for the filth of the soul thinking. Now this wasn't an instant fix, in fact it has been an ongoing process, and one that will continue as long as I do.

Finally there is the last problem, the body, for it speaks loud and clear.

Constantly it says “I want this and I want that” and trying to get it to shut up is a formidable task. It always wants comfort, and more and more. I haven't always been successful in controlling it, evidenced by my being overweight.

It has been my goal to possess, the full benefits of salvation and it is a work in process that is buoyed by the knowledge that JESUS is all I need. In every way, and in every day.

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