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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I remember when I was a young man, and couldn’t obey the speed limit. The result was that I received three speeding tickets within a month. The judge decided I didn’t need to drive anywhere except to work. So for the time restricted, I was to allow my wife to drive wherever we went, while I held the baby. It was humiliating, and amazing how quickly I learned to conform to the speed limits.

God is very liberal, but He has placed some limits on us, that He insists we observe. Otherwise He must teach us that it is better to obey than it is to sacrifice, in order to receive his blessings. He gives us signs to follow - - -

There are the Stop signs. The Spirit of GOD at times will inform us that it is time to stop and go no further. Those who ignore this sign will be enrolled in the school of the Spirit for discipline.

What about the Yield signs? These are there for instructions concerning when to yield to GOD regarding an issue, and when to yield NOT (to temptation,) for to do so is sin.

Something relatively new is the Roundabout signs. When obeyed they will help you get to where you are going faster; as long as you exit in the direction you need to go. It is not to be treated as a merry-go-round where you continually go round and around, and up and down.  While you may be entertained, you will never get anywhere with GOD directions until you get on with the task, and not simply mark time.

GOD has put “No Parking” signs all along our road to our heavenly home.

We are never to bypass the Dead End sign, for it will lead to nowhere, and will accomplish nothing. The dead end, will in no way promote GODS program.

When driving I look for the signs, and follow the signs guidelines for they are placed there for my good,

The “One Way” sign tells me to travel only in the direction indicated.

Jesus declared Himself to be The Way, and the only way. There is no other approach to heaven, for there is only one way.   He is the Way.

Then there are the Signs of the Times, for the return of the Lord is swiftly approaching.

There is also something else I look for more earnestly, and that is the Signs and Wonders from GOD, where he manifests Himself in his power and glory for my benefit.

The greatest sign of all is the sign of the cross where I kneel and cry glory and while giving glory to GOD I get a glimpse of heaven and rejoice.

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