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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today Christianity is under attack by forces of evil. But that is nothing new. From the time of Christ’s birth this has been true. The stable birth is symbolic of an accommodation the world makes for Christianity, not left out in the cold but given the donkey treatment.

This is well documented by the way the government is restricting the expression of our faith. To wit, the removal of GOD’S word from buildings, and any public place funded by any form of government whether city or federal.

These attacks come in two forms, one direct, as fore mentioned and the other in the form of ignorance where Christianity is grouped with psychos who believe that they are god. All are given equal standing under the law (this form of government.)

Political correctness demands that neither party will do anything to further the cause of Christ. This coming election will not change the makeup of congress contrary to some reports, for people are set in their ways, and can’t justify voting for the opposition party. I do not look for any change in the congressional leadership in this election. Very few others will lose their jobs for there is too much corruption in the opposite party.

The school system has been required to teach what is in substance, atheism in the form of evolution. This is the touted scientific explanation for the creation of the universe. The few who truly believe this fantasy, have a faith system that goes far beyond the faith of the Christian believer. They take an impossible theory and baptize it in scientific jargon, and declare to be evolving truth. It’s like the old TV Program “Queen for a day,” whereby they pulled out an ordinary woman and proclaimed her to be a queen for 24 hours.

So also is the anti creationist, their science is only temporal, but tomorrow they will have a new theory. Oh, one thing they forgot, and that is, where did the universe and beyond originated from?

Some religionist denies the existence of matter, and that way no further explanation is necessary. Most people outside of the insane asylum believe everything must have had a beginning at some time.

Some of the people who name the name of Christ (not all) believe that creation came forth from ALMIGHTY GOD as recorded in the bible. Perhaps the reason the explanation in the Bible is so brief is because man’s brain isn’t capable of comprehending this act of GOD. First HE kept it simple and it was based on the need to know.

But the argument doesn’t stop there, now we are challenged to explain where GOD came from, and while we stutter and hem haw we come up with this explanation. Well we just take it by faith, but that doesn’t quite cut it.

Well HE is eternal, always was, but the critics still want a little more. For physics teaches everything must have a beginning. This is hard to explain; no it is impossible, for the mind of man cannot comprehend the fullness of our maker.

We can only say that GOD is self existent, and did not require a beginning, like the ring which is a prefect circle. It does not require a beginning point but goes around and around and around.

It is understandable that man which lives in a world that is controlled by time and space would have difficulty understanding the eternal principle. Because man is temporal in the physical sense, and if he does not discover that he has an eternal spirit within that can be made one with the eternal SPIRIT, he has no alternative but to be the fool who says; there is no GOD”.

If you believe in GOD, say it with me; I believe in GOD for HE believes in me!

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