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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Jeremiah has been called the weeping prophet. He saw things as they were, and could not restrain himself from crying. When he saw the end was coming he became disgusted with both the people and himself. I was astounded as I read this statement; Jeremiah prophesied that an inescapable, adverse disaster, would happen, which is another way of saying “get ready to kiss it goodbye”. The people stopped serving GOD, and rejected Jeremiah’s message from GOD.

Babylon was an awesome power, and as they prepared to possess the land of Israel the people couldn’t reconcile the fact that, they (GODS PEOPLE) were doomed. When Jeremiah tried to get rulers of Judah to make peace with Babylon he was treated like Benedict Arnold and cast into prison.

The people believed that GOD couldn’t allow them to be overtaken because it was His credibility on the line. After all, the temple was the central place where He was worshipped. HE would just have to overlook their idolatry, and their neglecting the law of GOD. In today’s parlance you would say; they felt they were too big to fail and GOD couldn’t allow that to happen.

To their surprise, and it was very soon, the temple was destroyed, the kings were killed, and the people taken into captivity. How can one explain an event such as this? In Gal. 6:7 we find these words GOD is not mocked, whatsoever a man (nation) sows that also will he (they) reap.

May 14 1948 Israel was declared to be a nation and was recognized by the U.N. As of today, Israel as a nation does not accept and worship the GOD of their fathers. They still have not learned their lesson about rejecting HIM. Too many are proudly saying; we are Jews by birth only, not by faith.

Today in America a similar condition exists, where only portion of the American people worship the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, (the holy trinity.) Even those who are secure in Christ need to do a double take and reinforce their faith so it will stand when sorely tested.

Check Matt. 7: 22. Do the signs of the times have any meaning today or was that just something we looked at in the past? What would an honest appraisal of this nation reveal about where it stands in the eyes of GOD? How much more spiritual are we, than Judah was when GOD let them fail?

Starting with the president of this nation, too many are rejecting Jehovah as GOD and worshipping either no god or another false god. The leaders of Judah lead them into destruction, nothing has changed, it could happen here. Proclamations carry with them the strength of the individual making them. The president of the United States of America proclaimed America is not a Christian nation. I owe no allegiance to such a leader!


I must put my trust in the Almighty God, for I do not know about tomorrow!!

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