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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Children are the heritage from the Lord. Meaning, something that is from one who possesses it (being the child) and it is given to another.

This is much like when GOD gave Eve to Adam. Eve was a gift from GOD to Adam. Children are a gift from God to the parents. How does this play out in the in the world today? If a person doesn’t believe in GOD, then it has no significance whatsoever. But to those who do believe, it is like unto the one who plants and GOD gives the increase. The harvest is an eternal spirit who has found its destiny, and its family, forever.

GOD’S original plan was simple, a garden environment, no threats from outsiders, and a family with children that were loved. Sin the powerful force that it is, continues to exact a heavy toll on disobedient mankind. There are so many torn from their mother’s womb by uncaring assassins licensed by the States.

Abortion is a difficult issue to deal with, for so many have differing ideas on the matter. They run from political to the religious and from compassion to receiving an additional welfare check.

Infanticide is a word that is not used much but spells out the reality of what happens in the abortion process. Time is the only reason the fetus is not a full born child. I submit that if everyone who favors abortion were themselves aborted, then the issue would be simpler and easier to deal with.

Today there are billions of children who face the fate of a Christ less eternity, and I can’t espouse the idea of abortion as a way of salvation. This is an issue that God himself will have to judge.

It is incumbent upon all who name the name of Christ, to obey the words of our savior ‘BRING THE LITTLE CHILDREN UNTO ME AND FORBID THEM NOT.”

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