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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, June 28, 2010


In the first four chapters of Genesis the ground work was laid, this took the rest of the Bible to explain. The creation of the basic structure of the universe was put into place.

Adam and Eve were instructed in how to live acceptably in GOD’s sight. Logic would seem to indicate that the local friendly serpent had been deceived by Satan and this allowed him to be used to ruin man’s relationship with GOD.

Not only did Adam and Eve lose favor with GOD, the serpent also was cursed. Meanwhile Adam and Eve hid in the bushes. When GOD had ferreted them out of their hiding place, He spoke to them in a tone they had never heard before. The confrontation ended with the words “get out of the garden.”

They were evicted without notice and with no recourse. I believe that not only did man get kicked out but also all the animals, including the snake had to hit the road.

Perhaps a short profile of the snake would be in order here. We only know a few things about him from the narrative, but what we do know can lead us to speculate about his downfall.

First of all he was wiser than all the animals, and this led him to a position of pride. He considered himself to be far more intelligent than the other creatures.

There was a prideful entity in heaven that also was evicted, and seemingly he didn’t go peaceful. His abode is now in the atmosphere from where he exercises his remaining power. The serpent, because of his pride found a simpatico relationship with Satan and agreed to do his bidding, which led to his part in man’s fall, and also to his own downfall.

Now Adam and Eve found difficulty in adjusting to their new surroundings, but just think of the trauma suffered by the serpent. He apparently must have been upright before his fall; otherwise having to go forth on his belly wouldn’t have been a big thing. When GOD spoke to the serpent he was speaking beyond him, even to Satan himself, the bruising of the serpent’s head was indicative of the redemptive process that didn’t include Satan. While the serpent didn’t like it; both GOD and Satan understood it.

The death and resurrection of Christ potentially redeemed mankind from spiritual death, and will eventually restore all else that was lost by the fall. But at present the pronouncements made by GOD are still in effect.

Some of these include physical death, pain in child birth, and physical labor in supporting oneself. There were other psychological effects that were even more difficult to bear.

Today, if the serpent had kept his mouth shut, and Eve hadn’t got hungry for forbidden fruit, and Adam had been able to think for himself, all politicians would be out of business and I wouldn’t be getting all these phone calls telling me to vote for so and so. Oh well, life goes on!

What was Eve’s favorite song after being cast out of paradise?

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