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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, June 27, 2010


What happened to S.H. Kress AKA Kresses. When I was young I would take the streetcar downtown to shop, and one of the favorite stores was Kresses. It had three floors, and was an upscale five and ten. There was a fountain with sandwiches and drinks. The store was started in 1887, and lasted for about 100 years, and then it was gone. Today most people have never heard of Kresses since it has faded into the past.

Another one of my regular shopping haunts was F.W. Woolworth. They had all the important stuff for kids such as roller skates, games and candy. They started in 1879 and closed in1997.

Montgomery Ward had a seven story retail/mail order store about six blocks from my house. Wards had a lot of things I would like to have, if I had the money, so mostly I did a lot more looking than buying. Wards was started in 1872 and lasted as a retailer until 2001, but now only does some mail order and internet business.

These were very strong businesses that lasted for a hundred years, but are now gone. They were victims of the changing times.

Not only are the older retailers closing, newer stores like Circuit City also have closed.

Another thing that is gone is penny candy, for a nickel you could get a case of hyperactivity that could for hours. Anything advertised as penny candy today is not the real mc-coy. All regular size candy bars were three for a dime at Safeway, but that was then and this is now.

2000 years a man named Jesus started the business of saving souls in fulfillment of promises made by GOD in the Garden of Eden; “The seed of woman would crush the serpents head.”

This business is alive and well today. While it has kept up with modern advancements to spread the message, the one thing it cannot afford to neglect is the hands on personal touch. Abstract Christianity will not survive. There must be the interaction among brethren, ministry to one another, other wise it will join the businesses that are only a memory.

Jesus spoke in the book of John chapter 15:12 This is my commandment, that you love another even as I have loved you.

This is made easier if you know and understand that Jesus loves you!

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