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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, May 31, 2010


People of a certain country became so enraged with their leader that they declared; we want a new leader to rule over us. He must be one who will serve our best interest, and adhere to our rules of government (except when he doesn’t want to).

As you might imagine there were many candidates for the job. Each one declared they would best serve the nation, for they had the best ideas. Finally, there were only two candidates left, and they each told of their plan for the country. One of the candidates was a faster and more excellent speaker than the other, so he was elected. He promised change and a better life for all.

As it turned out the new president was inept, and practiced ineptitude. His helpers also practiced ineptitude for they too were inept. The newly elected leaders did not understand how to run the government; they wanted to remake this land in their image, using some off the wall ideas.

Since they wanted to be elected again, they did what would help them to win another term in office. One of the inept helpers said; let’s take money from those who have it, and give it to those who have little. They all agreed that this was a stroke of genius, and another said; let’s also give them a free place to live and free food, and free doctors to keep them healthy. This will keep them beholding unto us.

Someone spoke up and said; in case there are not enough of them to guarantee our re-election, we should let people from other countries come here, and also give them the free stuff, and that will insure the vote count that we will need.

The president said; I will get on TV, and I will talk and talk until the people won't know what to think, and they will stop resisting this change, we are giving them. They won't be anything more than slaves to the government when we get through with them, ha ha!

And so it was, this country kept electing this president over and over, (For he changed the law so he could remain in office.) The people were taxed 50% of their wages plus other taxes so the poor class could have a comfortable life style. The open border policy allowed many new immigrants to come to the most generous country in the world and the new ones all prospered without working.

The workers were confused by all of the rhetoric, and continued working as usual, for the slave class can't think; they only do what they are told. That is because, they are informed, “This is the right thing to do.”

No one was left that could remember how the country used to be. If they found any information about a different time, and freedoms of the past, It was denied that it ever existed; for who could imagine a people so dumb as to allow a free country like that to be taken away from them.

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