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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, May 10, 2010


We just celebrated Mammy’s Day which is suppose to honor Mammies. When you stop and figure what it takes to be a mammy, it seems like everyday ought to be Mammy’s Day. Just think with me about this for a minute.

I can’t understand just what GOD had in mind when he decided how the process of becoming a mammy would be. First, she had to hook up with a strange creature called man. As if that wasn’t a demeaning enough thing to have to do, she had to try to please him (which is next to impossible). He wants her to be his wife, his mother, his home maker, his breadwinner, and his lover, regardless of how inept he may be!

Oh, the shame of it all. There have only been two perfect husbands ever, and I can’t remember who the other one is!

It takes nine months plus maybe thirty minutes to have a baby. It can be a joyful experience, being with other moms, and sharing the experiences each has had. With all those good stories, about how long they were in labor, and the birth pangs, one-ups-manship is the order of the day! ‘Mine was worse than yours.’ The one that has yet to have a child can only listen and wish.

Jim, a friend of mine, was injured and in the hospital for several weeks. His room was below the labor room with the windows open. He said at times he would hear the pregnant women moaning, and yelling. They would pray to the Blessed Virgin. Then after a period of silence, some would start into a tirade of cussing their husbands out, calling them everything but sweetie, and blaming them for this mess they were in.

Jim was allowed to walk in the halls and sometimes he would go upstairs. He would see husbands, wives, and baby all cuddled together as a family. Dad was no longer the villain, but the main man! All was forgiven, and not to be remembered, that is, until someone else was expecting, and then the whole experience would gush out. Of course, this was one of best parts of birthing - the telling, and embellishing of the tale!

Being a mother at times can be trying. While bearing the responsibilities placed upon her as well as having her love thrown back in her face by selfish kids, she calls upon inner strength that refreshes her before she can go on. Being a mom is not without rewards; they occupy a place in history that can never be taken away from them.

As kids grow up and go through the normal changes required of them to be an adult, there is one change that is important to a mammy. That is when the offspring comprehend what their mom is all about, and what her importance to them is. Until they draw their last breath, she will always be their Mammy.

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