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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was looking out of my front window, and could see my guard dog, Lukey up at the front fence. We live on about an acre and a half, and my first line of defense is de fence, which is six foot tall. My second protection is my guard dog. There was a pickup truck parked in the front of the property and a man there also. Lukey was at attention, and wagging his tail as fast as he could. Now he was supposed to be growling, and showing his teeth, but instead he was being a welcoming committee. It was like he was saying, for a cookie; you can come in and help yourself.

Well I got fuzzed up about that, and was thinking, “That dog isn't any account, and I should just send him to the dog pound.”

On further reflection, and getting rid of my mad I remembered I had become fond of him. I didn't really want to get rid of him, even if he had disappointed me very badly, so badly it hurt me.

I would never forget him making up to someone else, because he was suppose to only be my dog, and no one else’s. While I can't forget, I can get beyond, and try to make him understand that was unacceptable to me. He must act in accordance with our agreement, where I agreed to take care of him, and he would take care of me.

Another thing occurred to me, and that is, if I got rid of him, I would have to get another one, and he might be worse than Lukey.

There are many disappointments in life, things we can't avoid or change. Things like losing a job, not getting a promotion, and kids not living up to expectations.

One of the worst disappointments is an unfaithful mate, since it is an affair of the heart, and it goes to the core of our being. What follows is a roller coaster moment that can go on and on. Shock, unbelief, anger and emptiness follow in succession, and what to do now? It is usually best to let the dust settle first, so that things can be seen more clearly. If things can be worked out, and vows restored with more emphatic promises made, it might be better to forgive what you can, forget what you can't and move on. Not to get bogged down, and stuck where you can't get past the past. While it doesn't always work out, what might be the right thing to do is - - at least to try.

Where Lukey fell below expectations in some areas he made up for it in others, and it seems to be enough. Around here, he is now known as, “Second Chance Lukey.”

To err is human, to forgive is divine, and to forget may not be possible, so move on and get by it. Above all, don't let the past destroy your future.     

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