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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

More on Aunt MINNIE

I recently shared with you about my aunt Minnie, how she was my worst night mare, and my personal tormenter. What I didn't say was that she also was my best adult friend, at the same time. We shared so many fun things, and went to many places together. Friends will sometime do things to tease and aggravate you, and she certainly did that to me.

My friend Lizzey and I spent a lot of time playing together, either at my house or hers. One day Aunt Minnie thought she would have some fun with me. She told me that since I spent so much time over at Lizzey’s house, I should just move over there! She got a suitcase, and packed my clothes, and headed out the door, and across the street. This really freaked me out. I went ape as much as a five year old could freak, and started after her; begging her to come back. She just howled with laughter, and said, “Come on you are moving.”

We lived on a dirt road with plenty of rocks on it. Even at the age of five, I could throw rocks with the best of them. I started slinging rocks at her as fast as I could. Throwing those missiles at her had the desired effect, because they were coming at her too close, and too fast. She decided that, maybe I shouldn't move after all. With her mind changed, she unpacked the suitcase, and soon all was well again.

Aunt Minnie introduced me to the movies, and I was hooked after the first showing. There were so many movies that were of interest to kids. Shirley Temple was at her best, and the serials were exciting with many episodes. The hero was surely killed at the end of each episode, but somehow survived for the next one.

I had one quality that I perfected, and that was begging, and pleading my case until I got my way. I would beg for money for a movie ticket, and would go by myself, if no one would take me. It would be daylight when I would go, but when I got out it would be dark. Our town would, for the most part close everything up at about seven, and there were very few street lights. Going home was a frightful experience for a five year old. I would be really scared, and would run down the middle of the street several blocks, while eyeing both sides of the street. What a relief, when I finally turned on my block, and could see my house. I always forgot, how frightening the trip home was, the next time I wanted to see another movie.

Life is made up of so many small events, some stand out more than others. Everyone experiences them, and our memory records them for future reference.

Happy is the person who adds the memory of finding peace with GOD and the ongoing experiences with HIM.

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