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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Have you ever had an “after thought?” You wonder; “Maybe I shouldn't have bought that because,” - - and then you make a list of all the reasons you shouldn't have? Some call it buyer’s remorse. In any case it’s “What do, I do now time? “

One fine day, my mother took me with her to buy a fur coat. She decided on one that was gray in color. In the store it looked great, of course that was with a lot of encouragement from the sales man.

Once we got the coat home, something had changed. My mother decided that the coat that was so fine in the store now looked more like a possum skin coat. To me it appeared the same as in the store, but there was no consoling her. She insisted that, it had to go back. The problem was the store wouldn't take it back. After a lot of whining, and begging it was decided, that it was a done deal, and the kind of done deal, that wouldn't be undone.

Asking my mother what do possums eat, didn’t help to relieve the situation either. Something I didn't mention was she always took me with her on these shopping trips. I hated the hours spent waiting, while she tried on most every dress in her size. Now she was adamant about getting a different coat, because she wasn't going to wear something that a dog might want to chase.

So once again, we set out; I carrying the possum look alike coat, and we hit all the coat stores. Now I didn't embarrass easily, but every time I had to pull out that coat, I could feel my face start to redden. Finally, at last, mercy was ours; a salesman agreed to take the coat in exchanged for another, with a few hundred dollars additionally. She found a brown fur she liked, and paid the extra, and after several miserable hours, I was home at last. I would like to tell you she had learn her lesson, but she didn't.

It seemed to me that the reason she bought things, was so she could take them back as an “after thought.”

While thinking about this, I began to wonder if GOD ever had “after thoughts.” What about when GOD created Adam, and there was no provision for reproduction - - or was there? It was only after GOD decided that it wasn't good for him to be alone that Adam was given the counterpart he needed for reproduction.

There is in nature a provision for certain reproduction called asexual reproduction. It is a do it yourself method of reproducing yourself; a partner is not required. This includes starfish and sea anemones for example, they reproduce by asexual reproduction. There are many invertebrates also, that do the same.

Whether Adam was originally set up to reproduce by himself or not, GOD (seemingly had an after thought,) decided to take part of Adam, and make a counterpart for him. From Adam, the bible says God took a rib, well ok, but that must not have been an ordinary rib, it must have had something extra attach to it, such as the feminine side of Adam. I'm not saying that GOD didn't think things through enough, and as an after thought he created Eve, whatever the case was, in the end God got it right and I am soooo glad!

I may be messing with someone’s theology so I better quit.

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