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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Are there No Moral Politicians?

Where can we find an honest and moral Republican?

As a Republican voter I am getting tired of these republican whoremongers being in office. They seem to think that getting elected is a license for sex. They expect me to believe, that they will stand fast on their campaign promises, when the vows they made to their wives are something to be ignored.

I'm sick of these lying politicians, who are unfaithful to their wives, and think nothing of disgracing their families. Their kids must face their friends, and explain why their mother isn't enough for Mr. Stud, and is a demeaning task.

Before the next election, we need a new contract with America, which every one running for office must sign; “I will not whore around while in office so help me GOD”. And it would help if the males would consent to be neutered, as a show of real dedication to their constituents.

I am awed by the thought that they would hold me in such high esteem that they would always act in my best interest, when they denigrate their wife by their actions. Saying sorry is self serving and isn't enough, what I need is, don't let it happen in the first place.

For me, at present, there isn't an alternative to this arrogant bunch of Republicans. The Neo Socialist Democrats will soon finish their task of destroying our republic.

It is time for a third party!

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