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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

THE OLD MAN Chapter 9 New plans

Lovers to be Wed

After resigning his job New Man came home to find that the widow woman had gone.

She had left him a note to call her when he was through with his morning business and they would cement together some of their plans.

By the time he was finished she would have settled the girls down for they were going to want to plan a huge wedding with everyone they had ever heard of.

She called them and they answered on the first ring and both of them had an extension and were talking over each other.  She finally got them to be quiet enough for her to explain what the wedding plans were. 

She said, “I have already had the trip down the aisle with a large number of people gawking at me and I don’t want that again.  The wedding will be at our home with only a few guests.

First of all don’t tell anyone for I will be too busy to deal with them.  It will be just as exciting to tell everyone after the wedding as before.  New Man might cop out if he saw a large crowd waiting for him and that would never do.

All I want there is mostly you girls, a minister and of course the groom for it wouldn’t be much of a wedding without him. 

The girls asked, “What about his kids, won’t they want to be there?” 

He has already told me, “No, they won’t.  They disowned him during the time of them losing all their money and their friends turning against them.  They took the money that New Man had been put in an account for them and have made their own way. 
They refuse to talk or visit him for they blame him for all the problems that developed by their mothers actions.

There will be a few more friends who will be invited but until I talk to New Man I won’t have the final list.”

She got a call from New Man after she got off the line with the girls and she said to come over and they would finalize everything. 

When he arrived she laid out a list of must do things.  Included was get a license today.  Arrange for a minister and for a caterer to feed us after the ceremony. 

She said, “I will only have about ten people coming now I need to know how many you want to invite.”

He said, “One or maybe none.”

“Who did you have in mind?” she asked?”

“Do you remember roommate?”  She had something to do with me thinking about ever getting married again and I thought I might ask her if it was alright with you.”

She said, Ask anyone you want but you better ask her right away.”

After thinking it over he said, ‘No, I don’t think I will ask her.”

She asked him, “Why?”

He said, “No reason except I don’t think I want to listen to her gloat about telling me that the right widow woman would change my attitude about wedded bliss again.”

He said, “Let’s go eat and get that license.”  

The guy at the license bureau had them fill out a form and then gave them the license after which he said, “I can marry you right now if you want for I am also a justice of the peace.”

After they stared at each other for a moment New Man said, “Let us talk it over for a minute and we will let you know.”

What then ensued was a fast review of their plans that were in place and what difference would it make if they had two weddings instead of one.  One for them, and one for everyone else.

She said, “It might be a little impulsive but I’m all for it.  We could have a honeymoon afternoon.”

He said, “Well we might ought to hesitate on doing this but I’m also all for it if you are.”

The Justice of the Peace asked, “Well, have you decided to go for it?”

They said, “Yes, let’s do it.”

The Justice of the Peace said, “Okay that will be ten dollars in advance for I have had some run out after they say, “I do.”

The next three minutes were little more than a blur but both managed to make their vows.  Though it was quick it was more meaningful than they expected.  He asked the widow, “Do you love him, are you going to keep him and are you going to mess around with anyone else?”

She answered, “Yes, yes, and no.”

New Man did the same thing and then came the most important words of all; “I now pronounce you husband and wife.”

She said, “From now on I will be married woman instead of widow.”

As they left she said, “Let’s go to my place and think over what we have done.”

He said, “Yes we need to think.”

When they arrived they went up in the elevator and suddenly he embraced and kissed her and kissed her again.  When they got in the apartment she said we must think!

He said, “The thinking is over Married woman, now the living begins.”

While being hugged and kissed she said, “Let the living begin.”

It was dark thirty before they came up for air and he said, “I could use a little food,”

She said, “Me too. If it’s alright I’ll just order in, Chinese okay?

He said, “Sure.”  

After ordering they looked at each other and started to laugh hilariously.

She said, “We did it.”

“We sure did, didn’t we?” he replied.

She said, “Should we tell anyone or act as if nothing has happened.”

He said, “Best if we go on as if nothing has happened except I will be staying here from now on.”

She replied, “That sounds like a plan to me.”

The next couple of days went by slowly, finishing up the plans for the second wedding and listening to the girls say things like; “Ma are you ready for the honeymoon?  Can you remember; you know what,” and everything else they could think of but it was all in fun and everybody enjoyed their teasing.

The day finally arrived. The girls had one more shot at New Man telling him what a woman needs and expects from a man.  He had to laugh at that but loved them for doing it anyhow.  There were about fifteen people there and the both walked down to stand before the minister.

She wore a blue suit with a corsage while he was wearing a new dark blue suit in fact he had a completely new wardrobe.

After having new suits made he went to the mission and gave them her first husband’s suits that she was she bringing there when he took them for himself.

The ceremony was considerable longer than what the Justice of the Peace did.  I suppose he dealt with people in a hurry.  Once again they made their vows to each other but they kind of like the way the justice did it.

There again they were in a hurry to get on with the honeymoon so that might have had something to do with it though they would deny it.  With the ceremony and the reception over they needed a moment to relax.

She went over to a full length mirror and told him to come over beside her. She asked, "What do you see?"

He said I see a young - middle age woman who is just beginning to live.

She said, “Do you want to know what I see?”  

He hesitantly said, "I guess so."

She said I see a young - middle age man that is just a couple of years older than me who is going to be “One happy feller.” 
To be Continued

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