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Saturday, December 7, 2013

OLD MAN chapter 13 New CEO

The Secretaries Put a Letter on the Bulletin Board
The girls were back safe at school and the house was quiet once again.

New Wife said, “There is something I have been wanting to ask you, but I wanted to wait until the girls were gone.”

He said, “Well go ahead and ask and if I know the answer I will tell you.”

She said, “Do you have any idea who beat that fellow up?”

He said, “I suppose it could have been any one who wanted money.”

She said, “They say the person must have used a bat on him.” 

New Man said, “I suppose it is possible, it wouldn’t have made as much noise as a gun.  Maybe they will find out who did it someday.  He said is there anything else I can’t help you with?”

She said, “Could you get mad enough to beat someone like that?”

He replied, “Maybe, it would have to be something that really upset me for things don’t usually bother me.”

“What if someone tried to molest one of the girls?”

“That might upset me enough, maybe.”

She said, “Do you have a bat?”

Bat courtesy
He said, “Yes it is great for exercising your arms and shoulders.  I use it during break time at work to loosen up after sitting all morning.”

They stared at each other for some time then he chuckled and said, “Is there anything else?”

She said, “No you told me what I wanted to know, Daddy.  Maybe we should have a snack and listen to some romantic music.”

He said, “A good idea for it seems a little tense around here.”

For the next week he saw New Wife showing up at his work and taking one or more of the girls to lunch.  This went on until she had taken each of them out and then one day she took all of them out.

New Man was curious but didn’t ask her what the reasons behind these lunches were.  
She had been meeting with some of her financial advisors and he knew there was something going on there also.  He left her business to her and figured the best way not to try to interfere was not to know any thing about what was going on.

About three weeks later the girls posted a letter on the bulletin board saying that no longer would the corporation allow the male staff to make improper advances on the females in any way.  The ladies were to be treated with respect and any violation of this order would result in dismissal from their job starting today.

This created a stir throughout the whole firm.  All of the men said they couldn’t understand what they were talking for they hadn’t ever done anything untoward the women who worked there. 

The next day another letter was posted throughout offices saying there was a list available of who was guilty and what they did and the list was accessible on request by the staff and their wives also if they should ask for it.

This really stirred up a ruckus for they went to the CEO and threaten to sue if their name was on any list.  The CEO went down the list reading some of the transgressions and asked do you want to know who the guilty parties are?  The CEO went on and said all of you are guilty and I don’t know what the outcome is going to be.  

Over the next week most of the heads of the departments had a trainee to be trained for their position in the corporation.  The letter stated the trainee was to be trained in every phase of the department they headed.  

New Man was one of the few who didn’t get a trainee and he called the CEO and asked why he was omitted from the program and he answered, “Ask your wife.

He thought, “Ask my wife… no way am I going to ask her about my status. She will tell me when she is ready.”

At night they acted like nothing was going on and enjoyed their evenings together.

Then one day all of the department heads were summoned to the CEO’S office.  He said, “I want a report about how well the trainees are doing and how soon they could be left on their own.”

After a month each department head submitted a report on the trainees under them.

Since New Man didn’t have a trainee he spent his free time training his secretary at his wife’s suggestion.

Then one evening, New Wife asked him how well his secretary was doing.

He said she knows as much about running this department as I do.  All she needs now is the experience of actually doing the work.  The next day his secretary was promoted to take his job.  He was to watch over her for the next week and then she was on her own.  

New Man was told this new job was to check on each of the trainee’s and make sure they were getting the help they needed.  He was to note anything that was unacceptable behavior by anyone.  There was a rumor that there was new management on the horizon and there would be wholesale changes made in the personnel department.

Most of the bosses took the letter concerning behavior seriously but still a few couldn’t break their old habits and continued to demean the girls.

New Man made notes of everything he observed and what the girls told him.

Then came the day when all he bosses were ordered to come to the cafeteria for a meeting.  Noticeable there were several of the bosses missing including the CEO.

New wife and new man came in together and she stood at the podium and spoke.  She announced she was now the Board Chairman.  Then she introduced New Man as the CEO who would be running the corporation.

This caused a low level murmur throughout the crowd.  

She also said, “You will notice there are several familiar faces missing.  They are no longer with us.  They have been replaced by the trainees who have mastered the jobs they were trained for.

As you know some of the trainees were women and have been moved up due to their competence.  Those who remain should be proud for you have been scrutinized and been found competent and we are glad to have you work for us.

You have received a syllabus outlining every facet of your job and how to redress grievances or make suggestions on how to improve our business.”

She said, “Finally, everyone take the rest of the day off unless your presence is necessary and be here ready to go to work tomorrow.”

To be continued

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