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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, December 26, 2013


December 26 by Norman Rockwell
The Trifecta of Christmas once again has come and went.

The start goes off with a bang, 
 “Tis the night before Christmas,”
 so the story goes.

The wants have far out distanced the needs and so “Many” wish to be our supply.

At this point there are so many believers; they are almost equal to the hopers.

I looked in the mirror and behold. I saw “Saint Nick” and “Down through the chimney” echoed through my mind.  Like it or not ‘twas a duty I must perform.

The next day all were up early and bows and ribbons were torn asunder. Paper thrown everywhere that can never be used again I wonder.

Here and there a short expression of glee and several expressions that said “Oh me.”

After the brief foray the thrill in part was gone. 
But there were smiles all around.

Some were right side up but alas some were upside down.

Tis the day after Christmas, here and there are broken toys. 
Still some batteries have a little power left, hence all the noise.

For some it’s “Joy to the world” the toys have come.

For others Tis sox and underwear and making a new list for next year.


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