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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

THE OLD MAN Chapter 15 Life is Good

Life Can be Good!
New man was settled in his new position and little by little things were picking up due partly to good customer service.

New wife was able to take things easy.  He came home early each evening to find that she had been in the kitchen with the cook helping fix a delicious meal for him.  She let the cook off early and said we can wash the dishes after dinner ourselves.

Things seemed to be as perfect as one could expect considering the world we live in.

The girls called home almost every day and wanted to talk to Daddy if he was home.

One day the maid answered the door to find a shabbily dressed woman that wanted to speak to the lady of the house.  The maid said for her to wait while she asked if she wanted to talk to her.

The woman shouted after the maid, “I’m the old roommate of her husband.”

New wife told the maid she would handle it.  When she got to the door the woman was inside the foyer looking around.  “Can I help you with something” she asked the shabby woman?

The woman went into a story about how New Wife’s husband owed her and she needed help now so she wanted money, as much as she could spare.  She added from the looks of things that would be quite a lot.

New wife said wait just a moment and we’ll see if we can do anything.  

New Wife called new husband and related to him what was happening.

He said, “Give her twenty dollars and call a cab for her.  Tell her to meet me in front of our building and I will handle it.”

New Wife did as he said and when the cab arrived, the old room mate entered and left.  New Wife called husband again and told him what she had done and said there was a badly dressed man that got into the cab with her.”

New Man said, “I understand.  That confirms what I thought.”

Ten minutes later he met the cab and the woman and also the man got out of the cab.  She came over and tried to introduce the boy friend but New Man ignored him.  

He asked, "How she dared to go and bother his wife?"

She started out saying, "You owe me.”

He interrupted her saying, “Owe you what?  Owe you for leaving and taking my things, owe you for you never paying your share or the rent?  When you left that was the end of what little us there was.  You have the nerve to drag this pimp of yours here and try to introduce him to me?”

New Man gave her a hundred dollar bill and said, “Give this to him and I will have a court order against you and if you ever bother my wife again it will be the last time you bother anyone.”

He then looked directly at both of them and said, “Do you get my meaning?”

She started to turn away but he stopped her and repeated, “Do you get my meaning?”

She said yes and her boy friend grabbed the money away from her as they walked away.

He called the wife and assured her that scene wouldn’t be repeated.

Time raced by and Daughter number one graduated and when she came home she had an engagement ring on her finger.  Her mother wasn’t ready for that announcement but her “Daddy” said. “He’s a nice boy and we welcome him into the family.”

Daughter number one said, "You don’t even know him, you haven’t ever met him?”

Daddy said, “I know more about him than you do.  His family isn’t as rich as they make out.  I don’t think he is aware that they are soon to be poor; but all he will need is a good job and we can help with that.  Besides that if you love him money won’t matter that much anyway.  My judgment is he will make you a fine husband.”

Her mother said, “Bring him home with you because I want to see this fine husband to be of yours." 

Later that night New Man told New Wife that she would like him and she could teach him how to be a success in business.

Six weeks later they were married on their honeymoon at Niagara Falls.

New Wife said, “Now I only have one more daughter to go.  Next year she will graduate and there will another guy for you to check out.”

He said, “Today I received an offer for the company.  It will be up to you to decide about the offer for it is in my briefcase.”

She said, “If you think we should take their offer, then that’s that.”  Three weeks later the deal was done and new man cleaned out his desk for the last time and said his goodbyes to all his staff.

New Man had a different feeling than he had ever felt before.

He was going home and Life was sweet.  He would enjoy the rest of his time with his New Wife and family, and who knows before long there might be grandchildren to love and spoil.

The End

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