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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

RANCHO REYES Chapter 2 Be Slow to Give out Information

Fast Draw
The next three days were busy rounding up strays.  Juan and a couple of Senior’s sons rode with him for they were intrigued by this newcomer.

He wasn’t afraid of any one, yet he still treated everyone with respect.  They were interested in finding out if he was as fast with a gun as he said he was.

The sons were hesitant to ask him for a demonstration but Pablo the oldest of the boys couldn’t stand it any longer and he started to ask Juan to sho…, before he could finish the sentence Juan had drew out his gun three times and replaced it so quickly that Pablo never ended his sentence.

As they caught their breath Juan said, “Don’t tell anyone that I drew my gun because I never pull it out unless I plan to use it.”  

They both swore they would never mention it to anyone.  It was then and there they both decided that he would be their friend for life.

Juan, Luis, and Pablo had taken to the hill country to search out the ravines and there they found a good size herd closed up in a blind canyon.  
Juan cautioned the boys not to go into the canyon until they had time to see what was going on for the cattle would never be there by them selves.

As they watched they spotted a lone rider bringing a few more head in and then there were five more riders that showed themselves as the first rider drove the cattle into the canyon.

Juan said it looks like we have stumbled onto some rustlers; let’s just watch for a few minutes.  After a half hour the men started to move the cattle toward the plains and Juan said, “We need to stop them before they get outside the canyon for we have the advantage over them as long as they are trapped in there.”

Juan continued, “I want you to take your rifles and get up the canyon walls where you have cover and if the shooting starts, then aim, slowly pick your target and fire away if necessary.  I’m going in and brace them and ask for an explanation and try to avoid any gunplay.  Make sure if the shooting starts don’t shoot me.”

They said they understood.  Luis and Pablo were very nervous for they never had faced a situation like this.  Juan said, “Just follow my instructions and everything will be alright.”

Juan gave them a few minutes to get into position and then quietly rode into the canyon.  Shortly he came face to face with three of the rustlers and he stopped.  He said, “I’m going to give you a chance to ride out of here without killing you if you do what I tell you.  There are guns pointing at you now and you can live or die it’s your choice.”

The other three thieves joined them and wanted to know why they had stopped.  They related what Juan had told them.  One of the men said he wasn’t going to stop.  Juan said, “Then you will die for nothing.”

The man started to reach for his gun and before he could touch it, Juan had put a bullet in his foot.  While the man was screaming the others started off at a gallop heading out of the valley.  

Juan pulled up alone side the wounded man and reached down and removed his boot. The rustler's foot was bleeding so Juan wrapped a bandana around and told him he would be able to walk again if he took care of it.  “Get on your way and don’t come back again for anyone else would have shot to kill instead of just wounding you.”  

Juan handed him his boot and said, “Go now.”

The boys came down from the perches where they had been stationed and were shaking with excitement.

Juan told them to bring the herd on down while he made sure the rustlers were high tailing it out of there.  After a couple of hours they had joined the rest of the cowboys who wanted to know how they had rounded up such a large herd of cattle in such a short time.  

The boys didn’t say anything as per Juan’s instructions and pushed their cattle to join the large herd.

Juan said I hope there is some food left for I’m hungry. The boys said me too.  

To be Continued


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