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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Old Man Chapter 8 We need to Talk

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He was a little late for work but quickly caught up for Monday mornings were usually slow.

He got a phone call from the widow and she said she wouldn’t be able to seem him tonight but tomorrow he should come over for dinner.  She went on saying we have a lot of things to discuss and future planning.  

After she hung up he thought, “I don’t have anything to talk over and the future will take care of itself.”  

As the day wore on his thinking began to change.  There were a lot of things to talk about and the future needed to be planned for if there was one.  Then he realized that was just what she said and wasn’t original with him.

When he arrived for dinner she gave him a kiss like welcoming a husband home.  He felt disarmed after that and figured he was done for the evening. It was like the song; ‘What ever Lola wants Lola gets.”

He figured the best way to get by during the evening was to agree with her. He wasn’t very hungry but ate enough to make her think he wasn’t uncertain about the agenda she had for the evening.

“First off,” she said, “Let’s get one thing out of the way; we are getting married aren’t we?

In his weakened condition he managed an,“I hope so.”

She said, “Good that’s settled.”  Then a strange look came over her and she drew closer, straddled his lap and proceeded to kiss him madly, and to his surprise he responded with like fervor.  As soon as it started it stopped.

She said, “I think it best if we were married this weekend to which he agreed most heartily.”

Then most business like she said, “You will have to quit your job for it wouldn’t be right for you to work as an underling while I owned the company.  The management in place now will remain for they are doing an excellent job.”

He said, “I like working for the Veep, but I have gotten to know several CEO’s that have tried to hire me away from your company and it would be best if I pursued that venue.”

She said, “As for the honeymoon I would like to be old fashion and go to Niagara Falls for a few days then go up to Montréal and enjoy the French influence that remains there.”

He said, “It sounds good to me.”

She said, “Let’s call the girls and tell them now.”  She dialed the number and when daughter number one answered she handed him the phone and said “You tell them.”

He managed to say hello but after that he was thankful that the daughter took over and carried the conversation forward.  She asked, “Is mum there I need to talk to her about the wedding.”  He said, “Wedding?   Did your mom say something about the wedding?”

Daughter number one said, No, she doesn’t know about it yet.”

He said , “Who is getting married?”

She answered, “Our maid of course, who else?  You would think I was talking about you and mother.”

He said, “Here is your mother she will be glad about your maid.”

“Hello mom isn’t it great about the maid.  The only thing that would be better is if you and New Man were getting hitched.” 

The Widow handed the phone back to New Man and said, “You better tell her.”

He took the phone and said, “Me and you mom are getting married, good bye.” 

He said I never realized how hard it would be to break the news about out nuptials.  He said, “Let's get out of here in case they call back for I don’t want to go through that again.”

Dancing the Night through
She said, “Let's do something we’ve never done before.”  Only one thing ran through his mind as she said; “Let’s go dancing.”

Being relieved he said, “That sounds interesting, let’s do it.”

She said, “I haven’t been dancing since before the death of my husband.”

He said, “The same for me, not since her death.”

She said, “Well I hope we still know how.”

They spent half of the night going to different clubs and discovered that it was still as much fun as it used to be.  She said I will stay at your place tonight and tomorrow and I will fill the girls in on our plans.

He said, “I will turn in my resignation and get ready for the big event this weekend.” He gave her his bed and slept in the guest room.

At his usual time he got up and went through his usual routine and then headed for his last day at work.  His desk had been cleared so there wasn’t anything he needed to attend to but the Veep couldn’t understand why he was leaving.  He told him by next week everything would be clear.  About all he needed to take with him was his brief case for he was finished with this episode of his life.

To be Continued


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