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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

THE OLD MAN Chapter 14 New Wife Has Been Busy

When the Time is Right I will Tell

That evening the new CEO said to the new Chairman of the Board, “I haven’t ever slept with someone with the title Chairman of the Board before.”

She said, “Get used to it for that is the way of the future.”  

He smiled and said I will look forward to it each and every night.

He said, “Perhaps you will explain what has happened. I would have been a little more comfortable if I knew you were going to appoint me as CEO instead of being announced as such. And you becoming the chairman of the board was also a surprise.”

She said, “Things were complicated.  I was buying up all of the stock with the idea of returning the company to private ownership.  The stock had fallen to it lowest because the company was nearing bankruptcy and was known as having a private brothel for the bosses who worked there.  

The reason I couldn’t talk about it was there were a few shares held by some people who had got wind of what I was doing and they were holding out on selling.  They wanted a hundred times the value of the stock before they would sell.  

I knew these people had cheated on their taxes but needed a little more information. Finally I had enough info and started the rumor that I was going to call the I.R.S. on them.  Shortly they almost gave me the stock and I let them go their way.

After talking to the girls they told me of the demands being made on them to keep their jobs and I made plans to put a stop to that.  Shortly it will be a private ownership and that will be us.  Everything is in place to make the company a success and be known as a place where workers are respected.

Of the few bosses who are left they are on probation.  They would have been fired except for their families.  It will up to you to see that everything runs as it should since you are the top man, I’ll completely trust you to do what’s right.”

He said, “Wow, you have been busy and all the time becoming a new bride.”

She poked him in the side and said, “In a year’s time we will sell the company for several times what we have in it and then we will have all our time together.”

He said, “I must be the luckiest man alive to be found by you for everyone else had given up on me.”

She said, “Maybe you can get back together with your family in the future.”

He replied, “Maybe, but sometimes it’s better to let things remain as they are.  To try to resurrect the past is an exercise in futility and it cannot ever be the same as before. They have gone their way and anything I try to do may be seen as an intrusion into their lives which they do not want.

Another thing that makes it hard to want to do that is I’m completely satisfied with my family as it is right now.  I want to leave it at that and we’ll see what happens.”

She said, “That’s fine but just remember the smell of money changes how families view each other and if they see you as being successful again someone might come knocking at your door.”

He said, “What time is it I’m getting hungry.”

She said, “It’s the cook’s day off so we can either go out of stay in and I will cook for you.”

“You cook?  I can’t imagine you in a kitchen for since we met you have never cooked anything for me.”

She said, “My mother insisted that I learn how to cook.  She always said, ‘how are you going to get a man if you don’t know how to cook?’  Do you like Italian?”

He said, “Sure if it isn’t too Al Dente.”

She said alright, “I’ll keep it simple.  While you fix a salad I will make spaghetti with meat sauce.”

Soon the food was ready; she said, “An Italian dinner for two with a green salad and French bread. What more could one want except for good company and a slice of Brillate Savarin Cheese for desert?”

He said, “From now on you are my favorite cook in the world.”

She said, “When the time comes to free ourselves of business responsibilities we will have many evenings like this and probably have to baby sit the grandkids. Those daughters seem to be headed for the altar soon after they graduate.”

He said, “I’m stuffed.  Let’s cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie before - - -”

She said, “Before what?”

He smiled and said, “Before what ever strikes our fancy.”

To Be continued

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