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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

THE OLD MAN chapter 10 The Honey Moon

Niagra Falls
courtesy pixabay

Welcome to Niagara Falls the sign said as they came into town and they wanted to see the falls right off.  

They could only get a glimpse of American Falls by the way they came in so they went directly to their hotel to check in.

The concierge smirked and asked, “Are you newlyweds?”

New Man spoke up and said, “Yes, as a matter of fact we are is anything wrong with that?” 

The clerk quickly changed his attitude and said, “We have a lot of older people come here that have got remarried or renewed their vows.” 

 He went on and said, “We have a new elevator for old people who can’t manage the stairs which should be of interest to you.”

New Man had heard all he wanted to hear from the clerk and asked, “Are you just a half-wit or a complete fool.  We won’t be staying here,” and they left.

New Wife said, “I take it you didn’t like his attitude?”

He said, “I think I would like to stay on the Canadian side.”

They went through customs which didn’t amount to much and found a hotel with a great view of the falls and were close enough to hear the roar.  They settled in and discovered each other again as they snuggled and held each close without talking.  

A couple hours later they found they had been asleep and were still holding on.  She still holding on to him said, “How do you like married life so far?”

He answered, “I must be dreaming.  I’m afraid I’ll wake up and be back in that small apartment with my old dirty clothes on.”

She squeezed harder and said, “You ain’t dreaming mister and before we leave here you will believe it.”

He confessed to himself, “She is so playful you couldn’t help but feel young around her especially in times of intimacy.”

For some reason the old saying, “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks” was running through his mind.  It was followed by, “You don’t know my wife.”

It seemed strange referring to her as “my” wife.”

He loved his first wife dearly but New wife was different.  She was very traditional in all things and it was reflected in their times of intimacy.  She was simplicity, straight forward and satisfying.  “What more could you ask for?”

The new wife was without being vulgar, she was inventive and imaginative and exciting and the old dog was learning new tricks every day.

She asked, “What are you thinking about.”

His answer was of course, “Nothing,” which brought a smile to her face.

Thankfully the days didn’t go by too quickly for the falls were exhilarating and the roar stirred one to absorb some of their energy giving the sense you could do anything.
This feeling lasted throughout the evenings until exhaustion set in.

When it was time to return home the pair of them were worn out and happyfied.  

New Man said, “Perhaps we can return some day and do this again,” to which she replied, “We had better not wait until we’re too old for it takes a lot of energy… to fully enjoy the Falls.”

Even with all the fun at Niagara it was good to be home again.  
After getting a good night’s rest they went to the apartment in town for soon it would be time for New Man to begin his new job.

To be continiued 


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