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Friday, December 6, 2013

OLD MAN chapter 12 The Same Secretary?

Shopping Fun for New Clothes
When New Man got home he was greeted by an excited wife.

He asked her, “What have you been up to?”

She said, “Nothing, I’m just glad to see you.”

He answered, “Now come on, nothing don’t mean nothing when you say it like that.”

She said, “Well, I have been shopping all day and you will be glad to know you have bought some fine women’s clothes.”

He said, “Well put them on and let me see ‘em.”

She said, “You’ll see them soon enough.  By the way the gal you have as secretary now is the same one you have had ever since you started to work there.”

He said, “What do you mean the same one?”

“She was the same one just made up differently.  At first being a man you were just looking at her wide open legs and not at her face which was smeared with make up. 

Dressed as the second one she was painful to look at with her black maxi dress and her streaked gray hair.  Your gaze was always turned away from her. 

The last one looked tacky and you were repulsed by her persona but it was the same girl all the time.  She just needed some help from an older woman.  On Monday see if the girl is the same one as the other three were.”

He said, “You are kidding me - - aren’t you?”

She said, “Humm, time will tell but all three were very efficient weren’t they?”

Then the light turned on.  He said, “I was so caught up with what they were wearing I couldn’t think if anything else.”

She was about ready to rub it in when the daughters arrived from school.  He hadn’t seen the girls since the wedding.  

Daddy courtesy Free Clip art
They came storming in and after giving him hugs and kisses the both said, “Hello daddy.”  And for the rest of the evening they called him daddy which made him uncomfortable.  When bed time came around the girls gave him a goodnight kiss and said, “Good night daddy.”  
When he and New Wife were getting ready for bed he said, “You know I’m not their daddy and they shouldn’t call me that.”

She answered, “You aren’t their father that’s true, but you are their daddy so get used to it.”

He said, ‘How is it I’m suddenly their daddy?”

She said, “It is because they have accepted you and to them you are their daddy, and if they say you are then, you are.  You know how persistent the can be, Daddy.”  “The fact of the matter is they love you almost as soon as I did and they are your girls now by acceptance.”

He said, “Okay, since they are so much like their mother I don’t have any other choice.” 

Over the weekend they almost Daddied him to death but there was another issue that was difficult for him and the mother to handle.

Daughter number two or D2 as he began to call her started to date a somewhat older man at least eight years older than she was.  New man didn’t like him and had him investigated and his suspicions were confirmed.

He was known as the Lothario of Lotharios.  

He first told New Wife what he had found out and tried to caution D2 but she wasn’t having any of it for she was totally taken by his line.  After a few dates the seducer made his move which in the past she had been able to ward him off, but this time he wasn’t going to be denied.

He had her in the back seat of the car, slapping her and ripping at her clothes when someone yanked the door open and jerked her date out of the car and told her to drive off in a hurry.  Daughter 2 jumped over the front seat and drove off at a high speed.

When she got home she poured out the whole event and asked where daddy was.

Her mother said, “He had to go back to the office and catch up on some work.”

Later when he arrived home Daughter 2 said, “You were right and I should have listened to you.”  She went over the same story after which he was aghast and said, “We must make him pay some way.”  Then he picked her up and took her to her bed and he and her mother stayed with her until dawn.  

The next day D2 brought the paper to her mom and said the man she dated had been pummeled almost to death.  His privates had been crushed and restoration of his face was questionable plus he also was robbed.  The only thing left on him was a thick address book with over a hundred girl’s names with the word “Bingo” after them.

After she read the story aloud New Man said, “I guess we won’t have to try to get even with him after all.”  He asked, “Did you see who it was that pulled him out of the car?”  
She said, “No, all I remember was the person whose voice could have been a woman’s or a man’s told her to drive away.

He said, ‘There is no reason to go to the police if you don’t know any more than that. Does anyone know you were going out with him last night?”

She said, “No, neither of us wanted to broadcast the fact we were going together.  I suppose he didn’t want anyone to know because of what he was planning.  He could easily have got someone to say he was with them instead of me.  I was ashamed for it to be known I would go out with someone with his reputation so I kept it quiet.”

“Then it is a good thing you were with me all evening at the office.”

“Easter Vacation was over and it was back to school on Monday.  Everything is in the past where it will stay.  I would never go looking for the one who saved me but if I found him I would give him or her my heartfelt thanks,” and her mom said, “I would too.”

Same Secretary
courtesy Photobucket

It was back to work for New Man and his secretary was standing near the book stand. He looked around and said, “I’m sorry it seems my secretary hasn’t arrived yet.  Is there something I can help you with?”

She said, ‘No I don’t think so, I’ll have to check my call book,” and she took her seat at her desk.

He said, “Miss you really shouldn’t sit there someone might think you are my secretary.”  She dialed the phone while he was talking and handed the phone to New Man and it was his wife.

New Wife said, “Did you want something?”

He said, “There’s a strange woman sitting at the secretary’s desk and I can’t get rid of her.”

She said. “Dear, that is your secretary.  It is the same secretary you have had ever since you have been there.  Take a real good look at her and just say she looks great and it may be a busy day.”

“Okay I will do that right now while you are on the phone.”  

He complemented on her dress and said that look is what I’ve been waiting for.  Then for the next hour they talked and laughed about what had transpired these last few weeks and what she had been through trying to keep her job.  
He assured her she could stop worrying for she had passed New Wife’s test and her future was secure.
To be continued


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