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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

OLD MAN Chapter 7 The storm and the Motel

The Storm was Violent
courtesy pixabay

Time had passed, pleasantly for the New Man and I think for the Widow also but it was time to make the trip back to reality.  Their visit with the girls was over so they loaded the car and bid the girls goodbye and were on the road again. 

They didn’t say much on the trip home although a couple of things broke the monotony of the gentle rain that started to fall.

While driving along the weather began to change and become violent, the lightening and thunder accompanied the rain and hail made it too treacherous to continue.  They came upon a motel with a vacancy sign flashing and she pulled over. 

Motel courtesy comstock

Let’s get a room and wait out this storm.

When they enquired about a room the motel clerk said there was only one room left.  Because of the storm people were stopping for the night.  The clerk said, “The room is deluxe with two beds and the restaurant would be open all night if they wanted to have dinner.”  He said, “We have a generator in case the power goes out so you should be comfortable.”

The widow said we will take it for they couldn’t go any farther.  Once in the room and the heat was turned on it became cozy and she turned on some music which could scarcely be heard for the rain.

The New Man was very uneasy so he said I’m hungry let’s go eat.

She said, ‘Its still early but if you want its okay.”

He ate very slowly and ordered dessert on top of a large meal, she finished and said, “I’m going to the room and dress for bed so come on as soon as you finish.”

He thought, “I’m going to eat all night.”  He finally had to give it up and went to the restaurant’s rest room and stared into the mirror on the wall.

He thought, “I’ll stay in here all night.”  Then someone was pounding on the door and saying hurry up or else.  He didn’t want to know what or else meant so he gave it up and went to the room.

As he entered the first thing he saw was the widow with a gown and a negligee on as she watched a romantic movie on the TV.

She said, ‘There you are, I thought I was going to have go and get you.”

She then added, ‘You aren’t nervous being here with me are you?”

Now you have to understand New Man was completely honest and didn’t lie very much, only when it couldn’t be avoided but he prepared himself to tell the biggest lie ever told when he said, “No I feel very comfortable with the situation.”

She said, “I’m glad to hear that, come sit here beside me and snuggle.”

His mind went ballistic, “Oh lord not that, I couldn’t stand that.”

She said, “First change into your pajamas and get comfortable.”

He said, “That’s a good idea.”  Anything that would break the mood at this moment was welcomed.

She said, “Don’t be long or I will come in and help you.”

After hearing that, he quickly took his clothes off and dressed for bed.    

When he came out he said, “I think I will hit the hay for it has been a long day.”

She said, “Okay I will come to bed with you and we can snuggle for a while before we go to sleep.”

Panic stricken he said, “Maybe we should finish watching the movie before we retire.”

She laughed and said, “You know, you are a man I would trust with my daughters.  Go on to bed and I will see you in the morning.”

After hearing that his blood pressure dropped about sixty points and he went off to a restful sleep.  The next morning the sun was shining and the weather was beautiful.  He had gotten up, dressed and ate breakfast before she had wakened.  

When he returned she was in the shower and he packed his bag.  She came out of the shower and he couldn’t turn his back quick enough to avoid seeing more than he should have and to make it worse the mirror on the wall reflected her full form.  

She quickly slipped something on while he sat on a chair with his hands over his eyes. She said, “I didn’t realize you had returned but no harm done.”  Are you alright she asked because he wasn’t moving.

He got up and looked directly at her and said you are the prettiest woman I have ever seen and I mean seen.  With that he said I have to call the office.

She wondered what has got into him.  Then she giggled and thought it must have been something he saw.  He came back and loaded their suit cases and said as soon as you eat we can hit the road for I have settled up with the manager.  He had coffee as she ate her breakfast but their small talk was limited to her asking questions and him giving short answers.

How did you sleep? Fine. How was your breakfast? Good. And so on.

On the way home he sat nearer to her than before.  He reached over and touched her hand on the steering wheel and when it dropped it landed on her leg and he didn’t remove it for a second.  She looked at him, a look that he thought it said, “Back up a bit sucker.”  Anyway that was what he did, he backed up.

She could only shake her head and smile.  She surmised that this is the most frustrated man she had ever met but said to herself; this will have to go and soon.  

To be continued

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