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New FREE e-book:  The Old Man and the Widow
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Old Man Chapter 11 The New Secretary

Sexy Secretary
The next day when New Man arrived at the new company, he was led to his office with his name on the door.  

His secretary was efficient but a little too forward.  She wasn’t too careful how she sat and other actions that said “I’m available.”

After a few days he met with one of the higher ups and discussed the issue with him and requested another secretary.

The superior acted surprised and said, “Most guys would considered that a perk, end of story.”

New Man said. “New secretary tomorrow, that’s final.”  He went on and added, “This woman is a great talent and doesn’t need to show anything but her skills to be the top secretary if the firm.  Someone needs to be her friend and clue her in.”

New Man struggled along without a secretary for the rest of the week but was getting behind in his work.  He requested his superior to send someone from the secretary pool, someone who is the top girl among them.

The next day when he came in there was his new secretary working away as if she knew how he wanted things done.  She had her hair in a bun no make up, and wore a long, high neck dress that didn’t emphases her form.

He said to himself, “This is more like what I want, a business woman and NOT someone who dresses in a way that says “Hit on me.”

She managed to catch up with the back log of work that needed to be done and was ready to plunge into the new business tomorrow.  He complemented her ability to get things done and then asked her; “Do you have a sister”?

She said, ‘No!”

He said, "You remind me of someone.”

After a week his boss came by and said you guys are doing great and by the way how is your secretary doing.

New Man said, “She is the best I ever had although she really dresses conservatively.”

His boss said, “You said you wanted someone who dresses plainly so she is about as plain as one could hope for.”

New Man said, “This is taking it a little too far.”  He called his new secretary in and tried to explain what he wanted his secretary to look like.  

She just looked puzzled and said, “Okay.”  A little later New Wife came in and visited New Man.  She said, “That secretary seems to be right on her job although her dress isn’t apropos for this office.”

Tawdry Secretary
courtesy free clip art
He said, “I have told her she needs to dress differently but I don’t think she understands.  My first secretary they gave me dressed like a hooker.  Then the next one wore a long black dress that looked ghoulish.  Now this one looks tawdry.”

New Wife said, “Let me have her for tomorrow and I think I can fix the problem.”

When New Wife left she said to the secretary, “I will see you tomorrow and we will get you a new wardrobe.”  The next day she picked the secretary up and off they went.
Before they started shopping New Wife asked questions about the bosses she had worked for at the company.

Secretary said, “They are all about the same.  They are more interested in getting you in bed than your secretarial skills.  She said some of them can’t even type.”

New Wife said, “We will fix you up first and then deal with the other situations later.”

They started on the inside and then worked their way out.  “What kind of panties do you normally buy?”  and the girl showed her briefs, so brief she would have been as well off to wear nothing.  

New Wife said, “What you need are some drawers, something large enough to be comfortable and modest.  Why would to want to wear something that is suppose to be sexy unless you intend to show them to someone.  They will make you feel whorish which brings you to the question; what is your intent?” 

Secretary was blushing and said, “You really understand this office stuff don’t you?”

New wife gave her an all knowing look and said, “Let’s get you some comfortable bras.  Since you are fairly large we need to get those things under control.  Your bra should allow them to hang naturally and not be pushed up to your chin.”  They went on piece by piece, coordinates and matching pieces till they got to the shoes.

New Wife said, “I suggest you have dress shoes that can be slipped on and off real easy.  When you are working alone you could slip them off for comfort’s sake and if you are called into the bosse’s office slip them back on and look dressy.”

The secretary said, “I think everything is wonderful the only thing is I can’t afford them.”

New Wife said, “Don’t worry we will call them uniforms and charge them to the corporation.  Your boss will approve the charge.”

“Are you sure,” the secretary asked.

The new wife said, “You just leave him to me.”  She dropped the secretary off at home with all her new goods and said, “Tomorrow will be a big day for you, so just enjoy.”

To be continued

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